Great Prices On UGG Boots at £99 delivered M & M Direct

Great Prices On UGG Boots at £99 delivered M & M Direct

Found 23rd Nov
Looking for some UGG's for my wife, came across these at M&M Direct.

They seem like a decent price, sure you guys will correct me if I'm wrong


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Any feedback on why these are not a good deal please guys, I might need to cancel and shop elsewhere?

Do people still wear Uggs? I know chavs do but do normal people?

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Thanks, very constructive but clearly you're uneducated on this topic.
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I think its a great deal, I have been searching for a pair of these for my 13 year old daughter for a few weeks now, I did manage to get some for £90 from Brandalley but they cancalled my order and since then the cheapest I have found is £119 which currently are sitting in a basket which I will now cancel - I thought I would check HUKD before I made the purchase and I'm so glad I did - so nice one OP you definitely get some heat from me - Uggs are not for me but young girls love them, and this particular style is very expensive! Oh and my daughter is certainly not a chav, nor am I for that matter!!
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