Great Stuff Omega 3 pastilles - Asda pay you £2.98 to take them away

Great Stuff Omega 3 pastilles - Asda pay you £2.98 to take them away

Found 6th Aug 2008Made hot 6th Aug 2008
As per the previously posted deal regarding the voucher in the July ASDA mag

BUT now Asda have rolledback the price to £1.00 whilst the voucher still takes £3.98 from your final total, makes the rest of your shopping a bit cheaper


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Hood find, just need an asda now! Hot.

Eagle eyed woman on tills spotted voucher was for -3.98 and product is 1.00. Still got item free though

trust me to only have the august mag!!:roll:

I used 4 of these this morning but the vitamins went through at £3.98 so I got them for free but not any extra

didn't see any signs they had been rolled back

welshy x

Is there an online code for the voucher?

I did this yesterday. Used 4 of the £3.98 vouchers and they didnt say anything. Went straight back in for some more shopping but she noticed and only deducted £1.00 per coupon. Went to different store and used another 4 x £3.98 vouchers and they didnt notice again...result!

where you get mag?

Sadly, the vouchers were in last months Asda magazine. I did manage to find a few on a customer service desk on monday though!
This is the mag to look for....... There is also a £2 voucher in it for Coors Lite lager. The 4 packs of the bottled Coors are on 2 for £6.... use 2 vouchers and you pay a quid per pack!

thanks lornauk
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