Greatest Ever... Chick Flicks£16.93 for 5 films @ The Hut

Greatest Ever... Chick Flicks£16.93 for 5 films @ The Hut

Found 24th Nov 2008
There's quite a few more…ist


Intolerable Cruelty
From Academy Award winners Joel and Ethan Coen, comes this outrageously funny comedy about a man who wins in court and a woman who courts him to win. Top divorce attorney Miles Massey (George Clooney - Ocean's Eleven, Solaris) has got it all. Serial gold-digger Marilyn Rexroth (Catherine Zeta-Jones - Chicago, Traffic) wants it all. When Miles falls for the unobtainable Marilyn, a hilarious battle of deceit and cunning ensues, with each one trying to outsmart the other. Underhand tactics, deception and an undeniable attraction escalates as Marilyn and Miles square off in this classic battle of the sexes.

The Holiday
Meet Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz), two women who couldn't be more different - one lives in a cosy English cottage, the other in a swanky Hollywood estate - but who are alike in their mutual bad luck with men. In desperate need of an escape, they meet online and impulsively switch homes. Both find the last thing either wants or expects - a new romance - and discover that a change of address really can change your life.

Along Came Polly
When risk-averse Reuben Feffer's (Ben Stiller - Starsky and Hutch, There's Something About Mary) new bride dumps him on their honeymoon for a muscle-bound scuba instructor, his plans for life and love are thrown wildly off track. A chance encounter with an adventure-craving, childhood friend named Polly (Jennifer Aniston - Bruce Almighty, Friends) shoots him into a whirlwind of extreme sports, spicy food, ferrets and salsa dancing... with hilarious consequences.

Maid In Manhattan
Marisa (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mother born and bred in the boroughs of New York City, working as a maid in a first-class Manhattan hotel. In a case of mistaken identity, Marisa meets Christopher (Ralph Fiennes), the heir to a political dynasty, and the unlikely pair share a magical night of romance. But when Marisa's true identity is revealed, the two find that they are worlds apart. Can they find a way to overcome their differences and live happily ever after?

13 Going On 30
Jennifer Garner (Daredevil, TV's "Alias") and Mark Ruffalo (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) star in this hilarious flash-forward romance about a pre-teen girl who goes from geek to glamorous. With the help of some magic wishing dust, 13 year-old Jenna Rink (Garner) becomes 30 and gorgeous overnight, with everything she ever wanted, except for her best friend Matt (Ruffalo). Now, this grown woman must create some magic of her own to help the little girl inside find the true love she left behind.


chick flicks rule

This comes in a nice steelbook case :thumbsup:
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