Greatest Ever... Fantasy Films [Steelbook] DVD (NANNY MCPHEE, THE GRINCH, LABYRINTH, PETER PAN, and JUMANJI) RRP £34 now £6.93 @ The Hut
Greatest Ever... Fantasy Films [Steelbook] DVD (NANNY MCPHEE, THE GRINCH, LABYRINTH, PETER PAN, and JUMANJI) RRP £34 now £6.93 @ The Hut

Greatest Ever... Fantasy Films [Steelbook] DVD (NANNY MCPHEE, THE GRINCH, LABYRINTH, PETER PAN, and JUMANJI) RRP £34 now £6.93 @ The Hut

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In NANNY MCPHEE, a recently widowed Mr Brown employs the services of a nanny in the hope that order will be restored to his household and his seven children. However, the children have other ideas having already dispatched seventeen nannies, who also thought that they knew better. Unfortunately the children have met their match, Nanny McPhee has special powers.
In THE GRINCH, the title character is a a foul-tempered green and hairy creature, who lives on Mount Crumpit and hates Christmas almost as much as the residents of Whoville, the town at the bottom of his mountain. One night he decides to steal Christmas away from the Whos by taking all their decorations, presents and Christmassy things. However he soon learns a valuable lesson about the true spirit of the festive season.
In LABYRINTH, a young woman wishes her baby brother would be taken away by goblins. Her wish comes true and now she must rescue him by going through the forbidding passages of the labyrinth to reach the goblin castle of the mighty wizard king.
In PETER PAN, Peter has a sense of longing and a desire to be loved. The object of his affection is Wendy Darling, a pre-teen in Edwardian London with a penchant for telling dazzling tales to her younger brothers. When Mr. Darling decides that Wendy should live with her Aunt Millicent in order to become a proper lady, Peter takes the Darling children to Neverland, where all of the characters in Wendy's stories actually exist. The trio embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, flying through the skies, encountering nasty mermaids, and enduring Tinker Bell's hijinx. Along with the Lost Boys, the Darling children take on Captain Hook, Peter Pan's arch nemesis, and his band of pirates.
In JUMANJI, a simple act of rolling the dice on an old board-game from the loft triggers an amazing adventure for young Judy and Peter as they reactivate a hoard of wild animals and the wild-looking Alan Parrish who was transported to the jungles of Jumanji years ago while playing on the same board.


great thanks just ordered

Perfect present for my sister!

I'm sure 'Greatest Ever' is moot, but seems a reasonable price just for Jumanji and Labyrinth.

That's a great price - thanks for posting - heat added!

thanks just ordered

out of stock

Original Poster

Still taking orders though...

You remind me of the babe.


You remind me of the babe.

What babe?

normal price, check other stores they will have this for similar

Not sure if i'd have put Labyrinth with these.
Great film, but not suitable for youngsters...

Ignore my last post - I was getting mixed up with Pans Labyrinth !!

I couldn't decide whether or not to order this for my wife. But... why not eh?!

Heat added, thank you!

Sold Out

ahhhh... sold out.

but it's on amazon and Play for 6.99

They also have a few other "Best Ever" box sets also at the same price
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ScubaSteve88You remind me of the babe.What babe?

Babe with the power.

just got this Today looks good steel tin makes it look expensive great for a gift also got greatest fantasy films .



Babe with the power.

What power?

For those who missed out on this, it's instore in Homebase for £4.50!

The Hut is useless, they take your order and then a couple of weeks later they cancel it. Waste of time. Will never use them again. Dont bother!


What power?

The power of vodoo

Back up to £8.85

Received mine today, bargain!
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