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GreedFall (PS4) - £23.99 delivered @ Amazon

GreedFall (PS4) - £23.99 delivered @ Amazon

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Expert (Beta)
Posted 11th May
Low price offer.

Was £30.95, now £23.99 with free delivery.

Explore uncharted new lands as you set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures.

  • Forge this new world’s destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions. With diplomacy, deception and force, become part of a living, evolving world - influence its course and shape your story.
  • Engage in a core roleplaying experience – achieve quests and complete objectives in a multitude of different ways – through combat, diplomacy, deception, or stealth.
  • Complete freedom in character progression – play as a male or female, customize your appearance, and freely choose your abilities, spells and skills.
  • Delve into a mysterious world of magic – begin a grand journey and uncover ancient secrets protected by supernatural beings, manifestations of the island’s earthly magic.

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Seems to be holding its price reasonably well.
Good price...unfortunately I have too many games on my list at the moment, so will pass for now.
Heat added for a decent price nonetheless.
Any good?
SerpentSuicide11/05/2020 14:02

Any good?

I really enjoyed it. This is what I payed for it a couple of months ago and is totally worth this price.
SerpentSuicide11/05/2020 14:02

Any good?

I bought it the other week for £19.99 on psn sale, granted i've only played maybe an hour or two at most and not enough to scratch a rpg, but the combat seemed bad it put me off playing any further, which is a shame as its quite highly rated.
Bought this over two months ago for about this price and it’s still in the wrapper, looking forward to it but still got too many games on the go!!!!
Played it through and pleasantly surprised. Wish they’d do a sequel though.
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