Greek Mythos lager, Morrisons, £1.65 - 500ml bottle

Greek Mythos lager, Morrisons, £1.65 - 500ml bottle

LocalFound 3rd May 2011
While this maybe not a deal to some people, for others who like Mythos lager will know it's a pretty hard lager to find in the UK. Morrisons now seem to be stocking this item as "NEW" on the shelf.
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Thanks for the heads up. Been looking in supermarkets for years trying to find this with no joy - was in Morrisons tonight as well but didn't look. Great tasting lager - hopefully tastes the same as it does on a hot day in Greece.
Nice one mate, not tasted this for a good few years!

Ill get a few in to warm up for the holiday to Zante in 4 weeks time!


cheers op
OMG - I love Mythos - many a sunny day on a balcony with a Mythos direct from the fridge. £1.65 seems a wee bit pricey but voted hot as I aint ever seen this in UK before and it is a proper nice lager. Hopefully other supermarkets will take note and stock it and fingers crossed it'll be £1 a bottle somewhere soon.
Glad I'm helping fellow Mythos lovers. I must admit that every time I go into the likes of Morrisons/Tesco/Asda, I always look in the world beers isle for Mythos, today I was doing it at Morrisons, I actually missed this, it was my sister that found it. Might not be a great price, but I thought I'd post it anyway as you can't get it in many places plus as someone else said, if enough people buy this, it will drop in price and also other places might stock it.

They had Mythos in Aldi a few months ago, but it was only on for a few days. I stocked up and put 'em in the fridge. Take one out every now and again, close your eyes and your back on a Greek Island!,,,,,Hey, I'd pay 2 quid a bottle just for the memories!.....LOL!

takes me back to Kos last year. Lovely stuff, i need a hoilday now.
is this in scotish stores as well as i normally order mine mail order
Terrible larger! Worse than Fosters! Still, for those that like it, great find as it's rare to see in the UK.
Ipsos. A whole summer in 2001 and mythos by the litre.

Happy daze.

Terrible larger! Worse than Fosters! Still, for those that like it, great … Terrible larger! Worse than Fosters! Still, for those that like it, great find as it's rare to see in the UK.

Why should we listen to someone who can't even spell L A G E R (_;)
got a case of 12 this morning its 4.7% in greece it is 5% but chilling for later today fly out to crete tomorrow for 2 weeks so like an appetiser tonite-once word gets round this will fly off the shelves quality stuff
Thanks again OP - popped back into my local Morrisons tonight (Stirling) and there it was. Also noticed that it is 4.7% as opposed to 5% in Greece and bottle is slightly different but here's hoping it tastes the same.
Will be givving this a try at the weekend to see if its the same.... Yamas!!
Get Mythos in Makro at 90p per 330ml bottle including VAT.Always in stock.
Roger Sheffield
i looked in a few supermarket and cant find any i looked in tesco and on line and still cant find them in hereford
don't buy this might say it on the bottle but it is not mythos. the give away is as some have noticed. The real mythos is 5% this rubbish is 4.7%. It is brewed differently, hence the change in the alch. content. It tastes nowhere near the same and is just another cheap lager. Mythos is owned by carlsburg now and they are ripping people off. Cashing in on peoples memory of their Greek holiday and producing a cheap bland standard beer to cash in. Please do not let them do it. If it is not 5% refuse are being conned.
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