Green and Black Ice-Cream 2 for £5 @ Tesco

Green and Black Ice-Cream 2 for £5 @ Tesco

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As above. Need I say more (about the product)?

Surprised no one has posted this yet...


Nice product & good price :-D

Fab! Only brand I buy!:thumbsup:

Never tried this oddly enough, how does it compare to Haagen Dazs ?

What is the usual price before deal

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Better than Haagen Dazs in my opinion. (I used to love Haagen Dazs Strawberries until they stop selling them in tubs).

Usual price is £4 each.

Whatever happened to selling plain chocolate ice-cream? Bizarrely they are the only people to do a proper chocolate ice cream. All the other premium ice creams have bits or sauce's and stuff in them now.

The vanillas nice too but not really more so than the others.

this is the best chocolate ice cream ever! The strawberry one is not bad too

These are very nice - tempted at that price. Less gimmicky flavours than Haagen Dazs.

Note the offer seems to be only the vanilla or chocolate varieties.

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Yes, got the wrong picture.... :-p

lets hope for another tesco glitch on this one! took me a while to get through the last one. the dark chocolate is the best!
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