Green & Blacks Chocolate 3 bars £1.49 at Cutters Ltd = 50p each

Green & Blacks Chocolate 3 bars £1.49 at Cutters Ltd = 50p each

Found 26th Nov 2009Made hot 26th Nov 2009
If you are near Twickenham - I found a shop called Cutters in St Margarets who are selling Green and Blacks 100g large bars of chocolate at buy one get two free. Stock is dated end Jan 2010.
Sorry if you are not in this area but it is the cheapest price I have ever seen. They have 1000's of them various flavour but mostly milk chocolate.
Update - went back today they are called Cutters Ltd Not Costcutters.
They also have BOOST 12 DUO BARS £2


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No it's in Crown Road St Margarets Twickenham near St Margarets station, they also had some offers on boost the big duo bars think it was 67p each or 6 for a £1, cadbury clusters very cheap also, will go back there tomorrow to check,


Mmmmmmmmmm..... Just as well I don't live close enough to clean them out of stocks!

They are in the process of changing the packaging so that's most likely why they are ditching old design bars.

Never heard of the store but what a price! Lucky Twickenham.

I live nowhere near there, but this is great deal. By the look of the shop, it's not part of a chain.



Hot for you, green-eyed monstrousity for me. :-(
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