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Green & Black's Organic Tasting Collection Chocolate Bars Gift Box 395g £6 at Checkout @ Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Good price on this, seems to be a Tesco PM. Back in stock in case you missed last time!

Save £4 at Checkout:

Price Comparison:
Inside looks like this, great pressie imho:

Explore the range of Green & Black's flavours with our Tasting Collection. Open the box to find a map of the world and then nibble on a piece of full-flavoured Milk chocolate. Snap off a corner of Dark 70%. Let a single square of Dark 85% coat your taste buds. Set out a plate of Butterscotch chunks for a treacly mid afternoon treat. Then, finish it off with White, with the dose of Madagascan vanilla you've been dreaming of.

HAZELNUTS, SOY, ALMONDS, MILK, TREE_NUTS, cocoa mass, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, fat reduced cocoa powder, chopped roasted hazelnuts, chopped roasted almonds, crystalised ginger, currants, glucose syrup, salted butter, emsulsifier (Soya Lecithins), icing sugar, palm oil, vanilla extract, molasses, Anglesey sea salt, natural flavouring, vanilla pod

Box Contains
Each order comes with 1 x Green and Black's Organic Tasting Collection 395 g

Hope it helps someone
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  1. Avatar
    Same price in Tesco.
    For clubcard holders
  2. Avatar
    I got these last year from Amazon and they had a very short shelf. You might be better off buying at your local Tesco if you have a club card as it's the same price there.
  3. Avatar
    Free delivery available to Amazon Locker or Hub, if anyone's struggling with non-Prime delivery charges. (edited)
    Thanks mate, forgot about all that, really helpful!
  4. Avatar
    Hmmmmm ok so, you can't just order one then? You have to spend twenty quid?
    You might qualify for free delivery to an Amazon Locker or Hub location.
    There's one at the end of my road, it's suggesting to me for free delivery on just 1 box.

    See if it gives you other options under your delivery address when you checkout? (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Got one from Amazon Fresh this week for £1.50, using my £5 free in store credit.
    A very weird experience, felt like I was a dodgy shoplifter!
    I prefer being a normal shoplifter. Can't stand the dodgy ones.
  6. Avatar
    Bought 10 thanks, the nurses at work will be delighted to have these as for Christmas. Top post. Heat given
  7. Avatar
    free £5 for adding a credit card = £1 total, lovely
  8. Avatar
    I got these last week when Amazon had them on offer.
    My best before date is August 2023
    Nice of you to post that then......

    Share and share alike.......

  9. Avatar
    Why expired?
    Too many people not noticing the £4 checkout voucher.
    Yup. Just ordered two more, for a couple of neighbours I'd forgotten about
  10. Avatar
    Showing £10 now
    Guaranteed there is one or these comments on every Amazon deal, at least.

    "Save £4 at checkout"

    Says so in OPs description and on the Amazon page. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    £6 also @ Tesco - will get some tomorrow. Thanks
  12. Avatar
    I suppose you could buy 4 boxes for £24 and then use the "£7 off collection from an Amazon Locker" code should you have one of those?
    Yep, and/or any other unused promo credits people might have.
  13. Avatar
    The voting on HUKD really puzzles me. This same sized box was selling for £5.00, less than a month ago hotukdeals.com/dea…840 in Amazon Fresh stores. Yes, I realise there are limited stores so the offer wasn’t widely available but someone in that thread mentioned getting a good deal online too. 
    Many have local deals hidden for one reason, also as below last min Christmas madness
  14. Avatar
    Coming up £10 for me ?
    £4 off at checkout
  15. Avatar
    Comes up as ten pound
    £4 comes off at checkout making it £6
  16. Avatar
    How do you get this?
    Each time I load it it comes up as £10??
    When you go through to final checkout it takes £4 off
  17. Avatar
    I jus't CAN'T get it to work??

    It takes £4 off but no matter wat i do, I just can't seem to get that price ?

    I have gone to checkout and it says £4 delivery or tries to make u sign up for Prime?

    Where am i going wrong??
    Click on skip free prime trial. Then go to delivery options, should say free standard delivery. You need to be spending over £20.
  18. Avatar
    £10 now
    There's a £4 discount added when you checkout. I've just bought for £6.
  19. Avatar
    I've got prime yet gotta buy 4 boxes at 12 each for free delivery and no discount applied at checkout. 49021801-lJPFx.jpg
    I got the same problem and was able to get around it. 
    Basically, you need to avoid Amazon Fresh because that's the default option but doesn't give you a discount.

    If you go back to the amazon home page and search "Green & Black's chocolate", you will find this item:
    49022235-2FMlg.jpgClick "Another way to buy", add that item to the cart, and there you have it.
  20. Avatar
    Just saw in my order history - last time I bought this exact same item from Amazon they were £4.67 delivered... This 'deal' price with over 1300 heat is 22% more expensive lol (edited)
    Do you have a time machine I could borrow?
  21. Avatar
    I like Green & Black's, but...why is this so hot?

    Just a scramble to get Christmas gifts?
    Yes exactly that
  22. Avatar
    These also make great hot chocolates too! Just grate them into hot milk
  23. Avatar
    Two ordered would be rude not 2
  24. Avatar
    Thanks OP.
    Good deal - I paid £5.50 for these in December 2018.
    Me too!
  25. Avatar
    Brill deal, thanks OP! Ordered one for someones gift or to me from me. Undecided.
    To me from me definitely
  26. Avatar
    Thank you, just ordered three for family. Heat added.
  27. Avatar
    Ordered 3, thanks. One for me and 2 as emergency gifts, if needed.
  28. Avatar
    thanks, ordered two and used that locker promo from the other day to get them both for just £5
    got three for £11
  29. Avatar
    Just ordered 4 boxes, delivered to Amazon hub locker for additional £7 discount. Thanks
  30. Avatar
  31. Avatar
    Heat at 3000•?

    Am I the only one not biting at this right now? (edited)
  32. Avatar
    Same price in Sainsbury
  33. Avatar
    It’s still on
    Just ordered 4 packs £17 with £7 off for hub collection thanks op 
    I still only get the £6 price for pick up from a hub. How did that work for you?
  34. Avatar
    Someone expired it again
    It's still available.

    Edit: unexpired again. (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Fantastic deal. Just hope I can resist eating these myself before giving them away for xmas
  36. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP
  37. Avatar
    Thank you
  38. Avatar
    thanks ordered
  39. Avatar
    Ordered for my mam thanks x
  40. Avatar
    Great deal. Well spotted.
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