Green Cone & Green Johanna Food Waste Digesters - Half Price £44.73

Green Cone & Green Johanna Food Waste Digesters - Half Price £44.73

Found 4th Feb 2010
One for the Eco crowd! I hope that hasn't put you off already. This company will probably have a link from your local council website and it is possible that there are other discounts that may apply to you. The main two food digesters are reduced by half until the start of March. I think that I will go for the Johanna that can be used in shaded areas.

Buy a Green Cone at half price to reduce ALL your food waste including meat, fish
and bones to its natural components of water and carbon dioxide.

RRP £69.95 Half Price £34.78 + Delivery
SAVE £34.77

Buy a Green Johanna at half price to convert ALL your food waste including
meat, fish, bones and garden waste in to rich compost all year round

RRP £98.95 Half Price £49.48 + Delivery
SAVING £49.47


These things have running costs, as they need a digester mix to get the food waste to ferment. It takes a long time and in the interim there's the risk of attracting rats and other vermin. I had a similar setup and it wasn't working out - fortunately my local council started picking up food waste as part of its recycling. Save yourself the dosh and nag your council to do the same.

Noghar's comment isn't accurate. The Green Johanna does NOT require anything other than food and garden waste.

In 3 years we've not had a single problem with rats as the system is protected against them.

The Green Johanna is a superb bit of kit that works exceptionally well and means you don't have to buy back your compost from the council. Our Johanna copes with all the food waste from a family of 5 cooking from scratch so it's big enough for most.

Could I just transfer the waste from my Kobashi bin into one of these every month?

As I live in a flat the Kobashi bin works brilliantly as a non-smelly place to keep kitchen waste indoors but now both bins are full I either need a compost heap (not sure the other flats that share the garden would agree) or I have to dig a 1ft deep trench and spread it across the bottom - seems like a lot of work and that's not going to ingratiate me with the neighbours much either!

I can't see why you wouldn't be able to, why not ring them and work out which is the best option for you. There are various considerations e.g. the Cone needs sun, the Johanna needs shade.
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