Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown CD £6.99 + Free Delivery/10% Quidco @ Bang CD

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown CD £6.99 + Free Delivery/10% Quidco @ Bang CD

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Found 18th May 2009Made hot 18th May 2009
Song Of The Century
Know Your Enemy
Before The Lobotomy
Last Night On Earth
Murder City
Restless Heart Syndrome
The Static Age
American Eulogy A) Mass Hysteria
See The Light
21st Century Breakdown
¡Viva La Gloria!
Christian's Inferno
East Jesus Nowhere
Last Of The American Girls
Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)
Horseshoes And Handgrenades
21 Guns
B) Modern World


I should probably listen to this before I go and see them live.

Haven't heard this yet, but it's got to be good!


Great price for an excellent album.

My only concern is over the lack of a PARENTAL ADVISORY label on the artwork - I've just emailed to ask if it's a watered down version they're selling.

Hopefully not/

The "Parental Advisory" warning is included on the back cover of my copy of the CD.
There's also a sticker on the front.
I'm sure you'd get your full quota of naughty words here :shock:

Good deal, shame about the CD..

One of the best live bands i've ever seen (that was back in the 90's though) but I've just heard the forthcoming single '21 Guns' on the radio and its the WORST rock/pop ballad I think I have heard in quite a few years. I hope the rest of the album is nothing like it!

Good price for a new CD, I just recommend hearing the songs before buying.

Terrible CD!

Good deal, crap album.

I ordered mine through BangCD - wondering if anyone found anything cheaper for the actual CD rather than download?
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