Green Day Uno and Dos £4.87 each @ Amazon

Green Day Uno and Dos £4.87 each @ Amazon

Found 21st Dec 2012
For some reason they haven't reduced the third one, but a really good price for the first two I think. £10+ in other places.
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Uno is linked in the deal. Link for Dos: Here
The third one is brand new out...the other ones have been out for a bit longer...suspect they'll probably be out in a box set or something, so will probably hold out for it.
That said, its a hot price, so heat added.
Saw Uno for about 6 or 7 quid in Tesco last week thinking it was not too bad then, so this beats it.
Good albums, highly recommended
Personally, I found Dos to be really poor. Uno has a couple of good tracks but the two seem very lazy in terms of content. I haven't heard Tre yet but my expectations aren't too high. Only one opinion though.
Been looking at getting these. Excellent price. Top band. Heat Added.
just paid £8 for Dos from Tescos
Good price bought, thank you

brilliant albums, Dos! is defiantly my fav(lazy bones, stray heart brilliant and troublemaker off Uno!), though Tre! hasn't bedded in yet but 8th avenue serenade is awesome!.
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