Green Street - £2.99 delivered at Play.com
Green Street - £2.99 delivered at Play.com

Green Street - £2.99 delivered at Play.com

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Haven't seen this movie, but for £2.99 delivered its cheaper than a trip to the cinema


I have seen this and is it a great film, following the supporters of West Ham, and the gang culture that is associated with being a football "fan".

Gripping story, good acting, some moving scenes, and a great ending. I saw this by accident, and didn't know much about it, and thus didn't expect much. I was glad I watched it. You don't have to be a footy fan to enjoy this.


I guess the price reflects that this is a two year old film and has been "Box Officed" and "Front Rowed" to death!

Not a bad film apart from the worst cockerney accent ever by the lead ICF bloke. However as a West Ham season ticket holder I have got to say I have never seen anything like this, I think the violence portrayed is a throwback to the 70s and 80s and not at all relevant to todays corporate game. Still you do get to see Matty Etherington score against Gillingham, so its worth that alone!

Excellent movie, and excellent deal

Ace film, frodo baggins is funny...


yeah I think this is the 3rd time it has come up

Good film. Some geographical errors (like getting on the tube at Bank and getting off one stop later at Charing Cross) but doesnt spoil the film.

Dont forget your 6p quidco!!

thanks for this. I've actually gone for the Green Street/ID box set for £5.


Am I the only person that thought this film was pretty dreadful ?
Elijah Wood is totally mis-cast and the script is cliche-city !

If you really want to see a film about football violence, check out Football Factory, or the above-mentioned "ID".
At least these films have believable characters.

Just my opinion

Good price though !

Off topic, I know, but it's a response to other posts.

This film is utter ****. It glorifies violence and tries to use themes such as camerarderie, honour and friendship to show mindless violence as somehow "noble". Apart from that, the plot is woeful, as are the accents.

My advice is to save your £2.99

I liked it.

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Dreadful film, a stinker

Good film, enjoyed it, strange to see the guy from Lord of the Rings in it though!:giggle:
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