Green Wing - Definitive Edition DVD Boxset £17.89 @ Sendit

Green Wing - Definitive Edition DVD Boxset £17.89 @ Sendit

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£24.99 amozon

this is one of the best comdey ever

An off-beat comedy set in a hospital, Green Wing throws in a bit of soap opera and a dose of the sketch-show to create something unique and absolutely hilarious! Created by the team behind Smack the Pony, the series features some of the finest comedy cats to adorn our screens in quite some time.

Be prepared for one of the most surreal journeys you're ever likely to take as you dive into the anarchic world of Green Wing Hospital!

This DVD Box Set features all episodes from Series 1 and 2 along with the Green Wing Special.

Audio commentaries from members of the cast on episodes 1, 2, 5 and 9
'Behind The Scenes' featurette
Cast and crew biographies
Green Wing Phenomena Documentary
Green Wing Music Tracks
Deleted Scenes
Guy Ball Feature
12 Page Booklet


I love this series.



Great series - great price.

Fantastic Show And Lovely Boxset

Original Poster

the box set is good I did not expect it to have so much in it the 12 page booklet is good too

heat show...need to make more like this with its weird and quirky humour.

I have just watched all these on the 4OD channel on YouTube

brilliant series. Heat and rep!

Fantastic show, unheard of by most people I ask about it.

"bet you can't eat the coffee"

shame they went on to Barclaycard ads though...

I absolutely love this show, so many quotable lines I don't know where to start.

Simply brilliant.

"Go on with your slitty, slutty, slitty, slutty slots! Go on, sod off!"

Love it, ordered


Absolute genius.

Amazing series. Very underrated, and misunderstood my many who know of it but haven't actually seen it. If you haven't yet, then take the plunge!

Loved this show when it was on! HOT!
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