Greenflag breakdown personal cover in any vehicle for you and partner (added free) from £60 + £35 Quidco + Free Taste card (RECOVERY PLUS ONLY)

Greenflag breakdown personal cover in any vehicle for you and partner (added free) from £60 + £35 Quidco + Free Taste card (RECOVERY PLUS ONLY)

Found 15th Aug 2013
This deal is for the Recovery Plus policy only so might not be suitable for everyone but its worthwhile for your spouse is in it, Quidco (35 quid) and tastecard membership (29 quid) are thrown in the policy as well.

Breakdown Cover Recovery Plus Covers

1) At Home
2) At Roadside
3) Local Vehicle Recovery
4) Long distance recovery
5) Onward Travel options
6) Awarded 5 stars

1) Go to the link above via Quidco. Go to personal cover
2) Fill in the details yours and partners
3) Choose level of cover and personal cover
4) Continue
5) Purchase

If you cannot add spouse details online they are happy to add it on the phone.

Hope this helps and looking forward to some feedback (with reasons please)
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I believe the cashback via TCB is £40.40.
I've been waiting 9 months for the Quidco on this and still waiting.....
Don't rely on the cash back cos chances are you won't get it
£135.68 is my quote
My quote was 111 but it was 157 for the same cover from RAC and 145 for the same cover from AA but bcoz of tastecard and cheaper than other two I did go for it.
I didn't get my cashback either last time
£130 for me
I got £5 after a lot of fuss
Good luck with green flag
Are the quotes cheaper from AA and RAC for the same cover?
Don't go by the '*' ratings for cashback payouts but read peoples reviews.... you'll soon see most people don't have their cashback some 10 months into the policy and many say after 12months it was rejected.
Quoted me £62 for Recovery Plus me and the wife!
If it's any help to anyone, I've been with with Autonational Breakdown for a year, at the moment the full works recovery is £66 with an extra 3 months Free and with 50% discount for an additional vehicle at the same address.

Cashback Exclusive 18.37% through TopCashBack and I can confirm they do pay out as promised.
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Had this for around £6 after TCB paid out but this took an eternity and is not guaranteed.
Britannia Rescue for me, 2 cars , 2 motorbikes.. And cover when in someone else's car too... uk £90, euro £130 .. Personal cover extra £25.00
I tried renewing my cover with these guys, two calls, on hold for ages, just to pay them, Gave up as if they can't answer phone calls to pay them, then I ask how quickly they would respond to a breakdown or query. They say they have a dedicated payment hotline, but then ask if you are reporting a breakdown, not my idea of dedicated, Went elsewhere. RAC were equally bad by the way.
Same here, I never did get my cashback from this outfit, and then they tried to auto-renew for a huge increase at the end of the first year.

Avoid like the plague.
Hmm, was looking at doing this in September, might try autonational breakdown instead, thanks Wowhats
Still waiting for TCB after 7months. I contacted Green Flag via their website page to enquire about the delay. Eight days later, I got a call from GF. First she said she'd never heard of Topcashback, then she went on to quote from the T&Cs where it states " Please do not contact the merchant regarding cashback queries." So she'd never heard of TCB but she could quote from the T&Cs. Interesting. She then went on at great length, essentially saying nothing - like speaking to a moronic robot.
According to her, Green Flag don't pay TCB any money. I gave up in the end - I couldn't get a word in edgeways. She's going to write to me - how nice - to tell me what she said to me. I asked if she could do that by email - save the planet etc - but apparently, Green Flag don't have email!!!!
Ah well. Guess who won't be buying Green Flag next year.
Still waiting for my cash back. Topcashback should stop trading with them. Crooks.
I have always used Quidco and done so for many years and always got my cashback from them but it does take a while. Just make sure it tracks and if not cancel it and take it out again providing you purchase it a few weeks before it starts.

Don't forget it is Quidco or Topcashback that pays you not Green Flag. They get the commission and then pass it on to you.
It does state in the T&C's do not contact the merchant as they will be unaware.
Damn, wish I'd stuck with Start Rescue. Always got tcb cashback from them and cost half the price for similar cover. Tcb is still showing confirmed but at £0.00 instead of £40.40. If I don't get Green Flag cashback won't be renewing. (Probably wouldn't have anyway thinking about it :p).
Is this just for married people or can it be any other person? Great price regardless of cashback
Tempted but the post in this thread about cashback have put me off. But thanks to the many posters suggesting alternatives I'd not heard of. Very helpful!
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