Greenwoods Menswear suits from £30, reduced from up to £220

Greenwoods Menswear suits from £30, reduced from up to £220

LocalFound 15th Dec 2017Edited by:"sunter18"
Just been into Greenwoods Menswear in Blackpool and bought a 2 piece suit, reduced from £220 to £30.There about 6 different ones reduced to £30 from various 3 figure prices. They are available in differeng size jackets and trousers so shoild be something to fit everyone. Lots of other savings on suits, trousers, jackets etc. Spoke to the member of staff who said it started today and is at all the stores remaining open. Well worth a look in if you have one local.
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Suits you sir...
Not very internet Davy are they? Link takes you store list, cannot buy, reserve online or even see their stock.
I thought Greenwoods were dead and buried few years ago?
i'd approach their suits with a pinch of salt unless you've got a court date booked / you're 13 and due to start your work experience. usually tacky polyester suits with inflated RRP's. probably best off saving up a bit more and going for 1 / or 2 nice wool suits that will last much longer and look a million times better.

heat for the price though - £30 for a suit if you're only going to wear for a day and then bin is spot on!
Great bargains at their store in Northampton Town. Just bought 2 lovely suits there originally priced at £220 each. Cost me an incredible £60 for the 2! Absolute steal.
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