Posted 22 February 2023

Greggs across the body bag - £1 Instore @ Primark (Lancs)

In store: Lancashire · Primark Deals
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Useful bag,I purchased a fancy dress theme,was £9 bargain at a £1 also pjs crocs bumbags shorts etc in Primark

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  1. jase.2's avatar
    I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be seen wearing Greggs clothing, even people who work there probably wouldn’t want it 
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    Especially them!
  2. wahidul89's avatar
    My 4 year old asked me if she could wear her slippers to the shops. I told her no, you wear shoes outdoors. Then popped into home bargains and a bloke was wearing Greggs crocs. Had to explain what a chav was to her

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  3. FloridaMan's avatar
    Sad times when a bag is cheaper than a sausage roll
  4. farod's avatar
    But why tho lol
    Winniethemini's avatar
    Why not?
  5. weezee's avatar
    Speechless who would want one ?
    Winniethemini's avatar
    For bit of fun
  6. louiselouise's avatar
    I remember seeing the trackies, t-shirts, trainers, socks, sliders in Glasgow about 3-4 months ago. (We were going to buy a selection for my partner's brother called Gregg )
  7. pikachu545's avatar
    Cheaper than their own sausage rolls!
  8. Conkers816's avatar
    These are very, very hard to find at the moment so you got lucky.

    I tried four different Primarks in Essex and nobody had these at all.
    Besford's avatar
    That's Essex for you - all Greggs fans!
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  10. memyselfmash's avatar
    I struggle to understand why they have had to discount the Greggs stuff down to £1 to try sell it... baffles me
    Conkers816's avatar
    There's nothing to "struggle" with. It's highly likely that the contract with Greggs has come to an end and they're just selling off the remaining stock.

    I bought a pair of the jogging trousers just for indoors and they're pretty decent quality.
  11. jocksteeluk's avatar
    There is more filling in this bag than in a dozen Greggs pasties!
  12. Chucknnorris's avatar
    Are people wearing Greggs gear ironically or what?

    How times have changed :/
  13. bob9's avatar
    This wont fit across the body of some Greggs afficianados
  14. Tanuki334's avatar
    what? no Poundland gear?
  15. louiselouise's avatar
    Primark do lots of interesting collaborations (the one that got me excited was the Keith Haring one - think there's still a few items in stores). This one is probably more "ironic" for a lot of purchasers.
  16. bandhan1983's avatar
    Lmao! Who'd buy it?
  17. Rodders89's avatar
    You can fit 14 Greggs sausage rolls in one of these if anybody was wondering
    wasntme's avatar
    I managed to squeeze 15 in, I got them on the o2 offer on a Friday

    Unfortunately the strap no longer fits around, it's got a bit tight for some reason. Although I've noticed my clothes are shrinking too.
  18. Nier's avatar
    Cheaper than a vegan sausage roll
    Chucknnorris's avatar
    Tastes better too (edited)
  19. noconversationsallowed's avatar
    *Sausage Rolls not included
  20. Bangles's avatar
    I'm confused, I posted this deal 12 days ago and it only got to 98°. How did this get so hot?!
  21. blazons's avatar
    I was in Greggs the other day and by the bagged cookies section there were loads of packets just kicking around on the floor :/
  22. SoftSack's avatar
    Would be extremely embarrassing if you bumped into someone who had a £1400 Jimmy Choo bag and you were wearing your Gregg's bag
    Besford's avatar
    Inverse snobbery!

    Besides if they shell out for JC shoes they're mugs.
  23. Milev's avatar
    Greggs, also known as GR Eggs
  24. BestDealFinder's avatar
    Drippy af
  25. ashyt16turbo's avatar
    Lancs where?
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