Greggs Bake at Home 6 Sweet Mince Pies only 35p @ Iceland

Greggs Bake at Home 6 Sweet Mince Pies only 35p @ Iceland

Found 18th Feb
6 Sweet Mince Pies,Crumbly shortcrust pastry, filled with sweet mincemeat made from vine fruits, Bramley apple, and candied orange & lemon peel.
I bought these instore today, Absolutely lovely !!!.
It's a shame that mince pies are only available for the Christmas period on the plus side the best before date is Dec 2018.
Get them while you can !!!!
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its mahoosive im buying a truckload thanks op hot
Bridgeton, Glasgow had these on Thursday
louiselouise9 m ago

Bridgeton, Glasgow had these on Thursday

Saw this instore a few days ago in iceland, they were in the freezers next to the ready meals no offer/sale/reduced/clearance signs just 35p, appeared to be the normal price at 35p though very low price but then I have never seen frozen mince pies sold instore before.

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North Shields store has loads of these last time I went. Think they were cheaper than this too
Got a box of these last week.Normally 75p
Had a 35p sticker on them.
OMG must buy these, cheers OP
I brought the last 2 boxes mine had a month ago stickers said half price @ 75p they were clearance then. Wonder if they have excess stock..
Thanks OP
Its disgraceful to sell these outwith the normal festive time period, now I mhave to check all the
iceland`s in Glasgow.
Oh god.. Christmas gets earlier and earlier every year. Rediculous.
Great news! I just finished my supply of mince pies about a week ago.
Southend had some but at 50p so likely reduced further.
These are nothing short of fabulous. We've had several boxes at the higher price.
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Bought some today in Chelmsford 🖒
They are produced by Gregg's so probably the reason they are good
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