Gregg's favourites Frozen @ Iceland from £1.50

Gregg's favourites Frozen @ Iceland from £1.50

Found 26th Apr 2012
Read a post a few weeks back about Gregg's Frozen sausage rolls in Iceland.

They have now extended the Gregg's range.

The Steak Bakes & Cornish Pastys are fantastic.

Beats paying the VAT on warm meat pies.

2 x Steak Bakes £1.50
2 x Sausage & Bean Melt £1.50
2 x Cheese & Onion Pasty £1.50
2 x Chilli Steak Lattice £1.50
2 x Potato & Meat Pasty £1.50
2 x Chicken Bake £1.50
2 x Cornish Pasty £1.75
3 x Toffee Apple Lattice £1.50
4x Sausage Rolls £1.50
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Didn't know these existed ...nice one.
Dirty Gregs any time!
No pasty tax for these then
These will sell WELL I reckon!

Smart move by Greggs
They now do sausage and bean melt?! I'm there!
So these are 20% cheaper?
yuk - frozen greggs! cold.
Edited by: "csiman" 26th Apr 2012
Ive just seen them very smart move if they are the same as in the shops thats amazing
The Sausage rolls i bought were amazing
thanks for posting
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