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Free Hot Drinks for All Emergency Service Personnel and Health and Social Care Workers @ Greggs
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Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Free Hot Drinks for All Emergency Service Personnel and Health and Social Care Workers @ Greggs
Its nice to see that Greggs have extended a helping hand to the folks in the front line keeping us all safe and doing their utmost to keep it all going. From their FAQ Page htt… Read more
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Greggs temporarily closing all shops from Tuesday 24 March: We’ve been doing everything we can to keep our shops open and everyone safe but it has become clear that to help us all maintain social distance we need to go further and close all of our shops completely. So, we have made the difficult decision to close all of our shops on Tuesday 24th March. First and foremost, thank you to our amazing colleagues for the hard work they have been putting in every day. They live and breathe the Greggs spirit, and we couldn’t have got through these challenging times without their unwavering positivity and cooperation. While we are closed, we will continue supporting our colleagues with full contract hours for as long as we are able although we will need to keep this under review as the situation develops. Whilst our shops will be temporarily closed, our dedication to our communities won’t stop. We’ll continue to provide support to our local communities by distributing any remaining unsold food and offering support for those in hardship through the Greggs Foundation. To our customers, thank you for your ongoing support – we know these are difficult and unsettling times, and through our community work we hope to be able to continue serving you, and your friends and families in some way. Last but by no means least, a special thank you to the key workers at the front line of this crisis and all those who continue to work tirelessly to reduce the spread of the virus. There are so many unsung heroes, and we’re in awe of you all.


Why not also include school staff who are still working in holidays and looking after key workers children


Lol, they just all got told to shut u till further notice


Are those on the frontline dealing with benefits included in this?


Exactly, im still working. Is there anywhere including council staff?

Free Pizza slice via Greggs App rewards (invite only)
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Posted 27th FebPosted 27th FebLocalLocal
Free Pizza slice via Greggs App rewards (invite only)
Check your Greggs app there's a free pizza slice available.
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;) .


A plate for Greggs pizza? :{


;) .


You dont need internet connection to open your app.


Yeah I use the app every week but haven't had this offer :(

Free Walkers Crisps @ Gregg's app
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Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Free Walkers Crisps @ Gregg's app
Download Gregg's app and scan your walkers crisps in a Gregg's store to recieve a pack for free.
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Give credit to making the effort to come into the thread and tell us. Nearly made the mistake of eating junk food.


Nothing on mine. (mad)


Not for me (at the moment, I hope) but thanks for reminding me to check the app 😬


Same with me, went to the one near charing cross, closed. ;(


No free Walkers potato chips for me

Free Fairtrade hot drink at Greggs via App
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Free Fairtrade hot drink at Greggs via App
Just had a notification for a free hot drink via the app in my android phone, not sure if it's for everyone

I got a free hot drink and packet of crisps (newly registered account). Thanks🔥


That's when you've made a new account. You also get a free treat on your bday.


Sign up today or 6months ago your welcome hot drink reward is available to use


Appears I have a bag of Walkers Crisps


Maybe I signed up today and got the free drink

Free packet of Walkers crisps with Greggs app
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
Free packet of Walkers crisps with Greggs app
Prawn Cocktail, Salt and Vinegar or Cheese and Onion. What's it going to be?

(y) Got mine today thanks.


I don't know what they mean by highest spend value in the weeks leading up to the Reward giveaway in the T&Cs I haven't spent a penny at Greggs in the past 3 months yet i have this reward in my app (confused)


I got my free bag of potato chips today. Thanks and heat added


Got Mine thanks


not showing up on mine

Greggs free hot drink when downloading their app
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Posted 13th Nov 2019Posted 13th Nov 2019
Greggs free hot drink when downloading their app
Free hot drink when you download greegs app
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I like the Greggs coffee, I like all fresh bean-to-cup coffee and Greggs is not bad at all. If someone is homeless then why would you turn down someone's offer of a free drink even if just to make them feel good - doesn't make sense...


If he can refuse coffee like that he is just a lazy beggar and not really homeless - probably has a Rolls Royce round the corner if he is after Starbucks and turns down coffee that real homeless would DIVE on


Does the changing your birthday date trick still get you a free sweet treat?


Very difficult to exist in this world if you adopt that view


nothing is for free. By downloading app they will track your location and other behaviours, if you happy with giving away your data for cup off coffee than enjoy it. Most off apps which offer something free do the same - beware of it.

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Free Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake or Cheese & Onion - Greggs App
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Posted 8th Oct 2019Posted 8th Oct 2019
Free Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake or Cheese & Onion - Greggs App
Free Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake or Cheese & Onion Bake in the Greggs App Scan in store to redeem, ends 31/10/19 Selected accounts and will appear in accounts between 8t… Read more

How did you get charged for a free reward? I got mine free earlier this week with no problems.


I just redeemed mine and got charged for it :(


I never got this ;(


Nor mine last I got was a lucazade


This ends tomorrow for anyone who hasn’t claimed it yet

Free Lucozade Energy on Greggs app (selected accounts)
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Posted 19th Sep 2019Posted 19th Sep 2019LocalLocal
Free Lucozade Energy on Greggs app (selected accounts)
Free lucozade energyon greggs app. Looks like selected accounts as i have only on one account so far.

Mine doesn't seem to have an expiry. Anyone else?


Got mine over the weekend but thanks for posting.


Yeah I looked it up a couple days ago. Seems they've removed like 75% of the sugar or something.


What sugar? Not in Lucozade these days.


You obviously haven't had Lucozade recently. It is vile now that they have taken the sugar out. An energy drink without sugar - ridiculous. Diabetics used to be able to control their sugar levels by drinking this, there was a big printed sign up on the wall in Newham hospital. Unfortunately, due to the government going all 'Big Brother' on us, they now can't.

£4 evening meal deals at 500 stores @ Greggs
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Posted 17th Sep 2019Posted 17th Sep 2019LocalLocal
£4 evening meal deals at 500 stores @ Greggs
Looks like Greggs is trying to strut it's stuff and has announced an evening meal deal for just £4, which will be launching at 500 stores (approx 1 in 4 stores) Greggs shops acros… Read more

Don’t get much for £4


Yes the whole 2 inch of it (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


You’ll be able to give her your sausage roll for afters


Four quid for that (skeptical)



Free Bottle Of Lucozade via Greggs App [New & Selected Accounts]
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Posted 1st Aug 2019Posted 1st Aug 2019LocalLocal
Free Bottle Of Lucozade via Greggs App [New & Selected Accounts]
Free Bottle Of Lucosade at Greggs on the app. Just scan the barcode at the end and everything should be grand! Expires 29th August

Nope just walk in... or drive to the new drive-thru!


Is it a delivery


Nothing on mine either :(


Signed up to new account and got free Lucozade and hot drink 🔥 ;)


Nothing for me oh well

Free Vegan Mexican Bean Wrap with Greggs rewards App (Account specific)
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Posted 27th Jun 2019Posted 27th Jun 2019LocalLocal
Free Vegan Mexican Bean Wrap with Greggs rewards App (Account specific)
Got an email saying you can pick up a free Vegan Mexican Bean Wrap in store at Greggs using their mobile app.

Got mine today.


It's always like this, Thier vegan / vegetarian stuff is so popular yet they always have it seasonal and always sold out. It's amazing, a business that doesn't want sales!


has been empty shelves for the past 3 days for both branches in Wimbledon side by side


Your loss mate


Poor thing may be allergic to vitamins and minerals as well...maybe do a Facebook page to raise awareness..

Free bottle of Ribena via Greggs rewards app
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Posted 13th Jun 2019Posted 13th Jun 2019LocalLocal
Free bottle of Ribena via Greggs rewards app
Not sure if it’s account specific, but a free bottle of Ribena shows up on my Greggs app. Also says valid till the 11th of July. Hope it helps someone.



Not on mine. :(


None on mine


Great. More plastic........


Disgusting aspartame laden crud. No wonder they're giving it away and deep discounting it on a weekly basis.

Free Hot Drink via Greggs rewards App  (Account specific)
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Posted 31st May 2019Posted 31st May 2019
Free Hot Drink via Greggs rewards App (Account specific)
Not sure if it’s account specific, but a free hot drink shows up on my Greggs app. Also says valid till the 30th of June. I use the app on and off and have benefitted from the fre… Read more
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I have this offer and I'm not a new customer. But then again I never use the app so maybe they think I am new


Not even a Vegan sausage roll.


I have had the app for over a year now and signed in with the same email - not sure if I just happened to be lucky. Pity that it seems so specific :(


That's for new users. When did you download the app? Maybe you used a different email to sign in recently?

Pizza and a drink for £2 @ Greggs (after 4PM, spotted at Bury location)
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Posted 21st May 2019Posted 21st May 2019LocalLocal
Pizza and a drink for £2 @ Greggs (after 4PM, spotted at Bury location)
Not sure if this is a store specific deal or available in all Greggs stores, but saw this at Bury Greggs. Pizza and a drink for £2, works out at £1 per item. Available after 4PM… Read more
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"works out at £1 per item" can anyone verify please?!!? (lol)


Not sure where you go but the one near where I work do.


voted hot from a fellow Bury lad


As I understand it, they don't bake any pizza for this deal. It's basically the pizza that's been sitting on the shelves since the lunch rush. If they run out they won't bake any more...


Well after 2pm

Free Greggs hot drinks Lord Street Liverpool - Show facebook page
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Posted 10th May 2019Posted 10th May 2019LocalLocal
Free Greggs hot drinks Lord Street Liverpool - Show facebook page
Free hot drinks Lord Street Liverpool. Show facebook page.
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Free snack pack from Greggs Rewards app
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Posted 11th Apr 2019Posted 11th Apr 2019
Free snack pack from Greggs Rewards app
Should show under your rewards. Free snack pack (y)

My issue with this and my other most recent Greggs freebie (Fanta) is that they don't seem to stock them in my local branches. Fanta arrived a couple of weeks after the offer ended.


Used this when I seen it on my app yesterday. Got to say, the chilli nachos were impressive! Heat!


It’ll say the expiry date on your rewards page IMPORTANT- I’ve previously checked with Greggs and their rewards end THE DAY BEFORE THE END DATE. Ie, on that date. It’s already run out.


Thank you!


Same as you. Might take a while to go to everyones acccount.

Free Greggs hot drink voucher in Closer Weekly (£1.85)
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Posted 26th Mar 2019Posted 26th Mar 2019LocalLocal
Free Greggs hot drink voucher in Closer Weekly (£1.85)
Free Greggs hot drink voucher in this weeks Closer weekly. Voucher could be used for Espresso, black/ white coffee, decaf coffee, cappuccino, latte, mocha, flat white, hot chocolat… Read more

A normal latte is less. I think the speciality one has a shot of syrup in it.


So a basic coffee (Americano) is £1.80... fits then that a latte is £2.20! Not sure a latte is a speciality! Next time your in Gregs check the price and keep me posted...


Not around here it isn't, unless you buy the most expensive item "speciality latte". I think the Americano is £1.60 or £1.80. not sure as I always pay the extra to get the £2.10 coffee and bacon bap deal.


No... That's how much a Gregg's coffee is.


Standard coffee price £2.20????? Is that London weighting? I can get a coffee *and* a bacon bap for £2.10 over here in the West.

Free bottle of Oasis from Greggs Rewards (Account specific)
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Posted 21st Feb 2019Posted 21st Feb 2019
Free bottle of Oasis from Greggs Rewards (Account specific)
Pop into Greggs, pick up a bottle of Oasis and scan your app when you're ready to pay. Expires 21. 3. 2019. Enjoy.

I just picked mine up 😄 xx


That’s a good idea. I remember topping up last through PayPal and got something. Trying to cut down on the apple danish though 😔




Not on mine


I use the greggs app to pay for stuff there. Just top up a fiver everytine the credit runs low, with PayPal, with one tap in the app. I always get the freebie offers. If you're a regular customer in greggs, its well worth paying with the app.

Vegan Sausage Rolls £1 @ Greggs
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Posted 2nd Jan 2019Posted 2nd Jan 2019LocalLocal
Vegan Sausage Rolls £1 @ Greggs
So Greggs just revealed that tomorrow (3rd January) they will start to sell a vegan alternative version of their sausage rolls, made using Quorn :) UPDATE: list of all stores … Read more

Veganism does have causal links to B12 and B6 deficiency though, and that can be quiet debilitating over the long term. No historic population were ever vegan, because it is impossible to get all the nutrients required without modern supplements.


If you sought healthy eating you’d be a plant based eater since literally every top scientific, medical research institution on the planet all conclude it is the healthiest for human beings and unlike meat and dairy doesn’t have direct causal links to cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and dozens of other debilitating and life threatening diseases and illnesses, but by all means you keep living in denial and thinking everyone with a differing opinion is a “snowflake” (annoyed)


It appears not:


Do they cook?


Vegans cook from scratch

Free bottle of Fanta @Greggs
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Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
Free bottle of Fanta @Greggs
Treat yourself to a refreshing blast of fizz and fruit flavours with a bottle of Fanta. It's on us! You know the drill. Pop into Greggs, pick up your bottle of Fanta and scan your… Read more
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Not on mine. Didn't get offered the muffins either


Not showing on my app . I had the free cherry muffin offer weeks ago but when I went to use it it had vanished from my app despite being before the end of the offer timeframe . I contacted them and said why has it vanished from my app along with a £1 apology credit from the last time a free reward suddenly vanished from my app . They told me to delete the app switch my phone to airplane mode then re download and that should fix it . I did so and my credit was still missing and the freebie has since expired .They have since given me a £5 gift code .


Nothing on mine either


Nothing for me. Account specific


U obviously don't live in central London. Kindest regards