Gremlins - 6" Santa Gizmo Plush was £11.99 now £4.99 ALSO POSS EXTRA 10 % WITH CODE @ Forbidden Planet
Gremlins - 6" Santa Gizmo Plush was £11.99 now £4.99 ALSO POSS EXTRA 10 % WITH CODE @ Forbidden Planet

Gremlins - 6" Santa Gizmo Plush was £11.99 now £4.99 ALSO POSS EXTRA 10 % WITH CODE @ Forbidden Planet

extra 10% code - FPISFXPROMO

Loads more but also spotted this
Gremlins - Gizmo Mittens - £19.99 now £8.99

Gremlins is an ever-growing franchise and Gizmo products are multiplying as fast as the Gremlins themselves! This new release is a 6" Santa Gizmo Plush.

- wanderer


Gizmo kaka

what's the postage?

By By Billy

cant be botherd with registering,anyone want to get me and will give you 2 quid ,pp gift



Remember 4% Quidco


what's the postage?

£2.50 - should really be added to deal post :whistling:

Qty. Item Name Total
1 x Gremlins - 6" Santa Gizmo Plush £4.99

Sub-Total: £4.99
Forbidden Planet Shipping (Forbidden Planet Shipping): £2.50
Discount Coupon: FPISFXPROMO : -£0.50
Total: £6.99

This aint worth £6.99!

Thanks for posting.

My cousins wee daughter loves gremlins, thats her xmas sorted.

Is it 1984 again?

nice just ordered

Well I on ebay this is currently at £18.21 with an hour to go so it obviously is worth it!!!
Heat added from me order places, many thanks.

these are cute have ordered 2 thanks

Love gizmo cute wee toy an d great price HOT HOT HOT

Heat added

Just watched Gremlins last night Ordered for the Mrs.

My 5 year old son watched gremlins for the first time last month, this present at £6.99 will be much more appreciated than most of the other £20-50 crap presents bought for him this xmas.

Heat added, if your kid has never seen the film buy this and the DVD.

Possibly the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

be careful with this company they take your money and dont deliver i still havnt had items i ordered in january.

Remember though, DO NOT GET IT WET

saw them in hmv earlier for £9.99

Has anybody received a dispatch notification for this yet?

Similar to another couple of posts on here - has anyone actually received their order yet?

Went through the payment process a couple of days ago and other than my order confirmation had no dispatch date yet.

E-mailed the company twice but still no response yet, checking order status in the "my account" section and it is just blank.

Impression I'm getting so far of this company is they take your money and run!

Original Poster

forbidden planet is a massive company been around for years, i wouldnt worry

Ordered mine on the 2nd and still nothing - the money has not been taken out of my account and it appears this item is no longer on their website....

Getting concerned now, They do answer phonecalls but cannot tell you when they will send out goods - apparently they produced a 'packing note' yesterday for the order I placed A WEEK AGO so it should be going out 'SOON....! ' As its a birthday present I need for next week I wanted a despatch date, but they dont know.
Maybe I should have spoken to the sheriff - (someone has to be in charge of this bunch of cowboys !
Paypal resolution here I come !!

i dont think we're gonna get it...just checked and my account doesnt exist there any more ! and i know that i've started new account and made an order ! money not taken from my account so screw them..

well, they've just charged my account, so maybe they will send in the end...

[FONT="Tahoma"]I've just had an email saying the item has been dispatched![/FONT]

my order arrived today :santa:

mine still has not arrive...

got mine now

Mine arrived today as well :santa:
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