Gremlins  -  DVD - £2.96  Delivered @ Uwish

Gremlins - DVD - £2.96 Delivered @ Uwish

Found 22nd Aug 2008Made hot 22nd Aug 2008
Great price for this excellent movie.

EDIT: now £2.96 delivered

An eccentric inventor brings an unusual Christmas gift home for his son Billy (Zach Galligan): a cute, real life teddy bear called Mogwai, obtained from a Chinese trinket store. Upon purchase, the shopowner offers two strict warnings: don't let Mogwai come into contact with water; and don't feed him after midnight. Inevitably, both these stipulations are ignored, and the cuddly creature begins to spawn some distinctly unruly offspring


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That film seriously s*it me up when it came out. Just as Labyrinth did.

It says £2.96 :?:

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It says £2.96 :?:

That's strange. Definately shows £1.96 for me.

says £1.96 for me too

that or 4 for a tenner - think i'll pass on that

Heat added!


says £1.96 for me too

It's showing as £2.96 for me :thinking:

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Looks like uwish have put price up.

Here's a pic of original deal.

DVD still available... thread updated with the new price & unexpired.


brilliant film
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