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Grenade Birthday Cake Protein Bar x 12 - £12 (+£3.99 Delivery) @ Grenade UK

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About this deal

20% Discount when signing up for the newsletter makes these £13.59 per box (£9.60 if ordering 4 boxes for free delivery). Free delivery over £35 and a free spread on orders over £50. I just placed an order for 3 Choclate Chip Bars, 1 Spread and 60 Birthday cake bars for £52.

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Every day’s a party with our Birthday Cake protein bar! This triple-layered high protein treat tastes just like your favourite vanilla sponge cake, coated in delicious white chocolate with an explosion of rainbow sprinkles on top! Packed with 20g protein and 1.7g sugar, our Birthday Cake bar is the perfect way to celebrate snack time! 12 Bars included.

BBE: December 2022
Grenade Uk Limited More details at Grenade Uk Limited
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    Stick them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds - makes them much more palatable (to my taste buds at least!)
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    Arrived today, just had one, don't really taste of anything ? Not offensive but just doesn't taste of anything? Only 47 to go
    My fave flavour! Just taste really sweet and vanilla-y to me
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    Not their best tasting bar, cold
    That's... not how this site works.
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    Blue light also gives 20% off. Grabbed 4 boxes to keep me away from haribo

    Did vote hot but still banned from voting (edited)
    Why banned for voting?
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    It's their worst flavour, but if you like it go for it, still a great deal regardless of taste
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    Horrible flavour - love Grenade bars usually but these are awful
    Agree, they keep selling cheap so think we not alone
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    Loving this deal but not sure how you get free delivery? It’s not working for me … any ideas?
    Have to order over £35 for free delivery, which would be 4 boxes at £9.60 each if using the 20% code.
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    Great spot op
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    20% off with Blue light card as well
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    The sprinkles are like concrete. Make sure you remove completely before consumption to avoid costly dental treatment
    I pour all the sprinkles left in the wrapper straight in my mouth and bite as hard as I can. A sharp start to the morning.
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    Nice ordered
  12. Avatar
    No wonder they are selling these cheap.. definitely the worst flavour.. but good price I guess
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    Can you stack the newsletter code with the blue light code?
    I couldnt
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    Great deal but worst flavours. Probably hence price. But still far better than most protein bars. Heat
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    This is the only flavor i do not like. If you have not tried this flavor, my advice is do not buy a lot. And try them out before ordering a large amount. They are super super sweet and its fake sweetener (edited)
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    Brilliant, actually my favourite. Love those crunchy sprinkles. Thanks OP, ordered.
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    Seems that these are like marmite, not in taste but as in love or hate them. I love this flavour (but hate marmite :/ )
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