Gressingham duck legs - 3s for £4 but 3 for £10.00 @ Morrisons

Gressingham duck legs - 3s for £4 but 3 for £10.00 @ Morrisons

Found 11th Jan 2013
Here's a great chance to make yourself some budget confit de canard, I'll give the recipe (follows). Morrisons have got packs of 3 plump duck legs on sale for £4. But they're 3 for £10 so effectively 9 duck legs for £10, ie £1.11p each.

Just about a great number to make confit de canard, all you need now is goose fat, which is currently on cheap in every supermarket after Christmas.
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Right you need to think about your container. I use a smallish black cast iron Le Creuset casserole dish - 8 plump duck legs go in nicely so I buy 8. Duck legs need to fit in compactly.

Get good goose fat - enough to cover the duck legs completely when melted. 2 x 500ml should do it.

Take your duck legs, cover them with rock salt or any salt on all surfaces and leave in a Pyrex dish overnight in the fridge or cool place, 24 hours best.

This will get out liquid and the salt should run off with the liquid. If you are bothered about too much salt, rinse again and pat dry. If not - just brush off any excess salt.

Now pack the duck legs as tightly as you can into your casserole dish. Add all the goose fat you need to cover the duck legs completely when melted. Put in the oven at 120-130C and cook - slowly, very slowly - for about 4 hours. Lid on.

Then cool it all down in the cellar or fridge, making sure duck legs are completely covered by the solidified goose fat.

Voila - confit de canard but best if it matures for a few days. It would keep for a few months without any further attention (in a cold place).

When hungry, fry up on high heat for 2 minutes on skin side and a minute on meat side.

Delicious and cheaper than a burger.

Sounds fab, thank you!

I bought four duck legs that were reduced in the run up to Christmas. I cooked the legs but the bonus was the duck skin that I rendered down for fat. I'm using it on homemade oven chips, wedges, anything really that needs a little bit of fat. Its healthier than lard and soooo delicious!
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