GREY book. (Fifty shades from christians pov) £3.99 waterstone preorder

GREY book. (Fifty shades from christians pov) £3.99 waterstone preorder

Found 4th Jun 2015
Preorder the fifty shades new book. 'Grey' the first book of the sequel from christian greys point of view. £3.99 preorder with free store pick up on day of release (june 18th) . Same price on amazon however you have to spend £10 to get free delivery so definately worth it at waterstones
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Official E L James.
I've already pre-ordered it
Thanks for sharing. Added a link to deal.
People not liking this book lol. Cant be the offer As cheapest around ive seen for physical copy
Voted hot and not knocking your deal, but my local charity shops seem to be flooded with copies of the other books, so it wont be long before you can pick a copy of Grey for under a £1.
In however long to come, yes. But for anyone wanting it for the release which i have posted about ive seen no cheaper
Great, just ordered mine! Thanks
OMG talk about milk it for all its worth,and if the book is anything like the film it will be rubbish.

Personally I thought 2 girls 1 cup was far more entertaining.
pre ordered mine each to their own!!! heat add
I prefer softer toilet paper...
kindle version only £3.79 on pre-order at Amazon.
It amazes me how an author with very little talent can earn 75 million quid on badly written books.
But then again the great British public buy Katie Price's books, when she's never read a book, never mind writing one.
Emtart. Thats why i said in comments about this being the cheapest physical copy hun. It is each to their own, but if people want to cold a good offer because of their taste in books then more fool them, this site will end of trash before you know it with people like that. So well done u.
No problem to people that are actually interested in the book
Grey: relive the abusive relationship from the point of view of the man! Experience the thrills of mentally and physically bullying an innocent woman from the perspective of the man! Hear his every thought, feel his every strike. Grey is the perfect book for a man looking to get his Fifty Shades fix (so no man ever).
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