Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £25 in store only ASDA Swindon Orbital

Grey Goose Vodka 70cl £25 in store only ASDA Swindon Orbital

LocalFound 21st Apr 2017
Awesome deal normally around £39 down to £25. This is for the 70cl bottle that is pure with no flavours added. Best that way! Instore only and I have no idea if the same deal are at other ASDA locations but the ASDA at North Swindon in Orbital shopping complex has it now.
Stolychina is great, Russian Standard ok but Grey Goose is excellent. See the write below.

Grey Goose french vodka was designed from the ground up to be the leading vodka across the globe. The multi-step distillation process, the best of the wheat crop from near Orléans and artesian spring water filtered through sedimentary rock define this as one of the most outstanding vodkas in the world. The nose is full bodied with a dash of sweetness, while the taste is a mellow and full with a long clear aftertaste.
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Wild grey goose chase guaranteed X)
Good for bulldozing
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had them in asda gorseinon Swansea this morning
Grey goose is nice but Beluga is better. At this price worth trying GG if you haven't before.
Can confirm available in Swindon asda walmart.
Defo wild goose chase but will check in the morning at my local
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