Greyhound Racing Entry For Two With Basket Meal and Drink Each, Plus Race Cards for £10 at Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium(Up to 68% Off)

Greyhound Racing Entry For Two With Basket Meal and Drink Each, Plus Race Cards for £10 at Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium(Up to 68% Off)

Found 16th Jan 2012
For all u punters....this seems like a good deal...


Twice British Greyhound Racing Board racecourse of the year Floodlit racing circuit Photo-finish system, video race replay and commentary

The Deal

Entrance to the main enclosure 12-13 races per night Basket meal each, such as scampi and chips Any drink to the value of £3.50 Race card included

Fine Print

Expires 10 April 2012. Limit 1 per 2 people. May buy multiple as gifts. Booking not required, present printed Groupon to redeem. Valid Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat from 6.30pm. First race at 7.30pm. Valid at: Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium, London Road, Romford (RM7 9DU). Must be aged 18 or older with valid ID. Original value based on most expensive options. See the rules that apply to all deals.

Greyhound Racing Entry For Two With Basket Meal and Drink Each, Plus Race Cards for £10 at Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium(Up to 68% Off)

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Coral Romford Greyhound
Community Updates


This is a good deal especially on Friday or Saturday as they don't do free entry vouchers for those days. I usually join on the Romford dogs website (new e-mail every time) and get free admission/race cards on Monday or Wednesday, The kids get in free, we take a picnic hamper, sit near the window and do a £1 bet on each race. it's one of the kids favourite family nights out.
how cruel
Cruel and unnecessary spectator 'sport'. Thousands of dogs abandoned / killed / dumped in shelters after they can race competitively no more.
What uninformed drivel from those that say its cruel.

The sport has made enormous strides in the welfare aspect and if you think people spend serious money on these dogs to treat them cruelly you are even more deluded than your ill informed comments suggest.

These dogs are bred to race and they absolutely love to compete,as does any finely tuned athlete.
as crissy says,its a family night out, something different from the pictures and pizza which is about your limit if you and the kids like to go out on a fri/sat evening.

What uninformed drivel from those that say its cruel. The sport has made … What uninformed drivel from those that say its cruel. The sport has made enormous strides in the welfare aspect and if you think people spend serious money on these dogs to treat them cruelly you are even more deluded than your ill informed comments suggest.These dogs are bred to race and they absolutely love to compete,as does any finely tuned athlete.

No, you are clearly uninformed. Everything I stated above is true - hell, maybe some maybe treated alright whilst they are racing well, but what about afterwards? Educate yourself rather than turning a blind eye just because you WANT to believe that the sport you support is doing no harm.

Here, seeing as you're too lazy to even attempt to do any kind of research whatsoever, I'll use Google for you:

The greyhound racing industry produces, at a minimum, a ‘surplus’ of 13, … The greyhound racing industry produces, at a minimum, a ‘surplus’ of 13,500 dogs in England and Wales every year. Of these at least 4,000 dogs go missing every year, invariably killed, some by vets, others dispatched with a bullet to the head or dropped into a flooded quarry with a brick around the neck. Horrific cruelty cases have been reported.• Part of the surplus is 2,500 UK bred young dogs who fail to make the grade as racers. The fate of only 20% of these animals is recorded. The other ‘disappeared’ 80% effectively vanish. And only 25% of racing dogs are UK bred - what happens to the majority bred abroad is even more worrying.• The rest of the surplus is the 11,000 greyhounds that are retired from racing every year. Most are untraceable. Only 3,500 per year are known to be rehomed by greyhound welfare groups. It is not uncommon for unwanted dogs to be destroyed or abandoned with their ears cut off to prevent breeder and owner identification from their ear tattoos.• During their ‘career’, welfare provision is insufficient. New regulations introduced by the government in 2010 will do little to improve the lives of greyhounds. By passing these regulation the government ignored the recommendations of hundreds of animal welfare charities and concerned individuals.• Dogs have very short careers, sometimes less than a year, due to the repetitive stress injuries caused by racing on small, tight cornered tracks. They do not just enjoy a happy life of racing as most people think. They are kept in kennels, lack the social contact all dogs need and are pushed to their physical limits, soon to be unwanted and facing an uncertain future.• Less than a penny of every pound wagered on greyhounds is spent on welfare and retirement provision. This is far too little to provide for all the dogs and their needs.

BBC News Report


Hmmm. That sounds deep...just curious...
Wat bout the horses then ? Is it similar as well.??
Mmm . I just looked over to my 3 retired greyhounds where 2 are stretched out on the sofa and 1 is in her basket by my feet as I type. These are my retirees who I raced but have always kept my dogs after their racing days are over they look a picture with coats that shine like coal and are treated as they should be and that's part of our family. If many people took the time to find out more before jumping the gun and tarring every greyhound owner with the same brush they would discover that there are actually more greyhounds living out their retirement with their owners than they would like to admit..There are and always will be bad apples in every walks of life that mistreat animals . There are some terrible people who should never become parents because they neglect and subject their own babies and children to appalling cruelty and living conditions but we don't then assume that all parents are bad and all people should be banned from having children. Why don't these people who tar all greyhound owners with the same brush try and do something to stop the appalling dog fighting that is going on in this country and is on the increase with people having their beloved pet dog stolen to be used in illegal dog fighting gangs and the poor dogs getting severely torn to pieces and left to die, now that is cruelty in the highest order so why not try and stop it

Hang on she'll just google it and take what ever comes back as gospel,rather than go and actually experience the modern,welfare driven sport that greyhound racing has become and strives constantly to maintain.


Hmmm. That sounds deep...just curious...Wat bout the horses then ? Is it … Hmmm. That sounds deep...just curious...Wat bout the horses then ? Is it similar as well.??

Whatever comes back as Gospel

? You mean that "experiencing the (insert non-backed-up words to your liking here) sport" as it plays out on the track on a racing day is somehow superior to the dozens of objective statistics-filled behind the scene reports made by credible organisations such as the BBC, the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, veterinary reports and animal rescue centre records?

I know you're trying to hide your head in the sand and maintain ignorance, but sheesh!

And Moonkira, good for you for not killing or abandoning your dogs, bravo. If only every other breeder / trainer did the same - but obviously they don't, and whilst they don't there is a need for innocent unknowing punters to be educated about the darker side to this 'sport'. I'm sure a fair few animal lovers would be horrified if they knew what they were unwittingly giving their money to. (And stolen dogs / dog fighting are separate issues which aren't even related to this thread, so I'm obviously not going to be denigrating every dog-related unjustice under the sun just to please you so that you feel I'm not picking on greyhound racing!:p)

Dharamm - will send you a pm.
That bbc report was from 2003oO
Edited by: "jacjos" 17th Jan 2012
To dharamm, obviously you have no hands on experiences with greyhounds, because if you did, instead of googling information you would find that they are the most sociable dog on the planet, so laid back, loving, etc., to add whilst I type this message I am surrounded by my 2year old, 3 year old, a brother and sister aged 8 years and a 13 1/2 year old all my ex racers.
Just for the people who only have what they read to go by and not have first hand experience of greyhounds This is my 6yr old grandaughter with one of our greyhounds Penny who is also 6 and who we used to race and now lives as a pet with another 2 lovely greyhounds


Edited by: "moonkira" 17th Jan 2012
My friends have two retired greyhounds, they are lovely dogs
Well I'm sorry but the BBC figures are totally wrong . Fewer than 3,000 greyhounds are bred in the uk each year . When the numbers have been looked into it was found that 78% raced on licenced tracks , a percentage raced on independent tracks so the percentage of those that did not race is small . As the pups are registered at or soon after birth sadly some will die after they have been registered , even human babies die occasionally with all the resources of the NHS .
A few will not be suitable for racing , these are usually the easiest to rehome as they are often good with cats .

The numbers retiring from racing every year is estimated at 8 to 9,000 . The RGT alone will rehome 4,500 of these . The best racers will be retained for breeding , others will go home with their owners when they finish racing . A large number will be rehomed to friends or relatives of the owners or trainers , with syndicates there are often a large group of people involved and the greyhounds future home is established even before it starts racing .
A great many owners and trainers also rehome their ex racers privately by advertising locally and keep track of how their old dogs are getting on . When proper research has been done to discover where ex racers are the vast majority have been found to be living very happily in pet homes .
Sadly some are put to sleep , a top racer was recently put to sleep at the age of just 3 years old . It was found to have cancer and attempts to treat it proved unsuccessful so it was put to sleep to prevent further sufffering .
I have not heard of anyone killing a greyhound and cutting its ears off for many years . The last piece of scum that tried that was easily traced and banned for life from the industry . With the development of DNA testing it is not difficult to trace the dogs breeding and a record of all the dogs markings are made when it is first registered and it is micro chipped at the same time .

As for dogs kept in kennels lacking social contact , they get far more than most pet dogs . They are never taken away from their litter mates before 12 weeks and even then if they are they will be reared in with a group of others of the same age . When they go into a racing kennel they will often have a kennel mate and they will get plenty of time out at excercise with other dogs to play with .
As for the money spent of wefare , 20% , ie 1/5 of the income to the industry is spent on werfare and retired greyhounds . Compared with the horse racing industry spending 0.3% of its income on retired racehorses .
They are lovely dogs and those who are in the industry are in it because they love their dogs and the welfare of the greyhounds , racing or retired is their priority .
Have u joined this Facebook group crapweasel? Link here...there are some horrific stories of how some greyhounds are treated. Yes there might be the occasional trainer that keeps his dogs after he has gotten his money out of them (and that is great), but there are also many more that abandon them to overcrowded shelters or even worse....and if they loved greyhounds as much as they say they do they too would be concerned about this......
and before anyone says anything, i do own a rescued retired greyhound myself (and had another 2 as a child)!
What a fantastic post oakgrove,and from an actual practitioner in the sport,not someone with of so little importance in their own life that they have to impose their negative,biased and practically ludicrous opinions upon others with info they have "googled" or "heard about".

What do you mean "joined" the group,she was the looney,meddlesome,left wing,hand wringer that started it!
I too raced greyhounds. Time after time after racing my dog's, medical care was needed because of injuries picked up whilst racing. I just chucked it all in and kept all of my hounds until they died their natural death. I then took in others who had been abandoned to their fate by the greyhound racing industry, I have had many.
The whole debacle of greyhound racing is inherently cruel. Run by people who can only see profit but turn a blind eye to all the suffering, pain and fear these poor dogs have to endure in the cause of peoples pleasure.
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