Griffin Aircurve iPhone 4/4S (Speaker/Amplifier) for £6.50 Instore (Tesco) or £6.95 (Amazon)
Griffin Aircurve iPhone 4/4S (Speaker/Amplifier) for £6.50 Instore (Tesco) or £6.95 (Amazon)

Griffin Aircurve iPhone 4/4S (Speaker/Amplifier) for £6.50 Instore (Tesco) or £6.95 (Amazon)

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Priced at £10+ everywhere else, these things are power-free speakers/amplifiers.

You just stick your iPhone in it – and it sends the speaker sound around a curved unit, which amplifiers – just like a speaker.

They are genius (and I picked mine up from Tesco).

Couldn’t believe they were so cheap at Tesco (photo in first post) – down to £6.50 to clear!

But then looking around, standard prices as usual, but found it (amongst the multiple listings) for £6.95 delivered on Amazon too! (Deal link is for the Amazon deal)

Genius bits of kit – and small too.

So just stick one in the kitchen for when you’re cooking etc, or in the front room as a genuine speaker system (at full iPhone volume – these things are LOUD!)


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£19.99 would have been a joke - I get a similar effect when I lean my phone against the window or wardrobe door!! Worth a punt maybe for £6.95 and Griffin is decent stuff.

I like mine. Need to turn it round for the 4S.

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Hmm, amazed this has gone cold.

These really are decent, and I know they say you can just stick them in a flower pot - but A) This looks smarter and B) this is louder and also adds Db to the bass too - which a flower pot doesnt.

But, hopefully those that realise its a bargain are happy with it.

@Paul - Yes £19.99 is a bit rich, as I bought the original aircurve for my original iPhone brand new at practically release date for £14.

Id have happily paid £10 for my 4S one - but £6.50 at Tesco was a bargain.
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