Griffin iPad tough case £1 @ Poundland

Griffin iPad tough case £1 @ Poundland

Found 17th Jan 2014
Saw this in the Tooting Poundland. Solid case and pretty decent brand. Amazing price if you need something tough especially with kids around.

21/Jan/2014 - Correction this is for iPad 1.
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Cracking find, will have a look tomorrow when I am let out my cage

Is this the same … Is this the same one?

Looks a different one to me

Looks a different one to me

Posted within the wrong deal post, sorry
It's a different one.
Griffin brilliant range for Apple iPhone & iPads. I have 'terminal dropsey' (!!) & both get dropped all the time on to York stone or marble and they are brilliant, same as the Cygnett Glam Glossy. (Before get any snarky comments it is a medical reason I get temporary numbness/paralysis) it can happen multiple times a day or all day, so I definitely give,the cases a run for their money!
Hey everyone,
I know that iPads are 9.7" and I have a 10.1" tablet Will it fit?
Cheers OP good find
Great deal - hope I can find one. Heat
great find, shame it doesnt fit the ipad air. Ive got a griffin case for my iphone 5 and its been a godsend. Well worth their money
Are you sure this isn't the ipad 1 version?

Are you sure this isn't the ipad 1 version?

It is the iPad 1 version looking online it seems Griffin only every made the Standle case for iPad 1. Amazon also state here that it is not compatible with iPad 2 or up…dle
Quite possibly for the iPad 1. I should have checked properly. Could anyone who finds it in their local store please confirm the model? Poundland have started to phase out iPhone 4/4S accessories, I assumed that at least they would do the same for the iPad 1.
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Checked the nearest store to myself and they had no iPad cases at all. Staff hadn't seen these, or the other Griffin cases, either
I spotted 6 of the Griffin AirStrap cases in Southampton, got a couple to see what they're like. The box art isn't much to look at but the actual case is another matter - it's all premium materials (neoprene, high-grade plastics/hard gel fittings), clearly discounted as it's for the iPad 1 but you know once you've handled it that these would have sold for £20-30 in their day. People still use iPad 1s, they don't do everything and they are getting a little slow but they still have their place.

The AirStrap is definitely for the iPad 1, just look for the lack of a camera hole to confirm it.
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