Griffin iTrip LCD FM transmitter for iPOD - £14.99 or less delivered
Griffin iTrip LCD FM transmitter for iPOD - £14.99 or less delivered

Griffin iTrip LCD FM transmitter for iPOD - £14.99 or less delivered

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Griffin iTrip LCD FM transmitter for iPOD (3G/4G/Photo iPods) is £14.99 or less delivered from Sendit.com

FM transmitters allow you to play your music wirelessly through any FM radio this means you can listen to ALL the songs on your iPod in the car or on a home stereo, without the clutter of wires.

The new iTrip sports a large, easy to read backlit LCD screen to make setting its digital tuner easy and intuitive. A handy knob on the side of the iTrip makes it a breeze to select broadcast frequency and it remembers its settings for convenience. This compact, self-contained design makes changing stations a snap, perfect for use on the go. The new iTrip features volume enhancements, as well, with an auto volume control that works with the iPod's volume level to automatically avoid distortion. If the iPod volume is set too high, iTrip recognizes and corrects it by lowering the volume to its optimum level, assuring clean, clear, dynamic sound.

Features: Built-in antenna, Frequencies: 88.1-107.9MHz, Frequency response: 50Hz to 15KHz, Operating range: 10-30 ft, No batteries required


Seems quite cheap for a must have bit of kit for an iPod! I didn't know SendIt could sell this...are they not UK based?

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I think they are, although one can set the iTrip to International tuning modes.

International mode allows access to all available frequencies throughout … International mode allows access to all available frequencies throughout the world. US mode limits tuning to those frequencies relevant to US stations.


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You can also buy Griffin iTrip LCD FM transmitter for £17.99 from ]ibitstore.com which comes with a FREE ipod car charger.

Basically, you pay £3 more for the car charger, if you need one.

This is a great deal. No discount codes??

Thanks edi, I meant that I thought it was illegal for UK merchants to sell the iTrip? Am I mistaken? I've never really looked into it much but thought low power FM transmitters couldn't be sold in the UK.

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Thanks admin & ducky :thumbsup:

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Donno much about what you have mentioned Admin.

Can confirm it is actually illegal to operate in the uk, see if i can find any info about it

Found it:


UK legality developments

The United Kingdom Radio Communications Agency ][COLOR=#0000ff]OFCOM[/COLOR] has launched a consultation, with a view to legalise the iTrip within the UK. Using the 2003 Wireless Telegraphy Exemption Regulations Act, it will be able to adjust the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949, to provide such devices. The agency says that it hopes it could have a Europe-wide legislative framework in place by the end of the year.
This could mean that by 2007 the iTrip can be used without licence in the ][COLOR=#0000ff]United Kingdom[/COLOR], however the device may require technical modification so that it conforms and can obtain its ][COLOR=#0000ff]CE mark[/COLOR] to be use in ][COLOR=#0000ff]Europe[/COLOR]/][COLOR=#0000ff]UK[/COLOR].
][COLOR=#0000ff]OFCOM's press release[/COLOR] details the proposed changes to the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 and also links to the ][COLOR=#0000ff]Consultation Document[/COLOR].
Whilst this consultation takes place it should be noted that until the amendments have taken place and a CE mark affixed to the current or to a technically modified iTrip then it will still be illegal to operate an iTrip the EU and the UK.

Admin, it's not illegal to sell them, however it's illegal to use them without permission. It all depends on whether they can be bothered prosecuting people as there's so many people doing it.

Ofcom have suggested that at the beginning of 2007 these should be made legal, so they'll probably come onto market more then and hopefully compete in price.

You can get versions on eBay which plug into any headphone jack for about £6. This will be superior quality but it can only be used on the iPod. Great gedget for it though and very tidy.

Fordy beat me, lol.

by less than 60 seconds!

Thanks for the info guys Something people should bear in mind I guess. It is a fantastic price for this and I guess I can't talk about my experience using it but while outside of the UK it's one thing that every iPod owner should have. For example you can use it to play through your car speakers, or if you go to a friends house you can just stream straight off your iPod to their stereo.. great for sharing music and parties.

Yeah, you can hand the iPod around and it can be a remote music broadcaster at a party. The future could probably see DJs using these too I reckon.

There's a whole big legal thing going on in the States at the moment because of these. Because the RIAA wants to make it illegal for you to listen to your music without first having written consent from a form that has to be sent of to 7 different departments and then finally signed in blood by the head of the RIAA, they're worried these things will breach public broadcast laws.
Ah, the good ole' US.

Of course there's that and when you're stuck on the M25 in a massive jam you'll be trying to listen to your favourite station but end up getting the guy next to you's "Queen - Bicycle Race".


[Queen example used only because I went to see We Will Rock You yesterday]

Or buy a portable FM Radio :roll: Doh then you can't play your iPods through it lol

Worth noting that this is NOT compatible with the latest iPods (i.e. the video ones!)

Does anyone know what exactly the limit is on "Low Power" transmitter maximum output actually is?

does this work with Nano's?

No it does not work with a Nano. You need an ]Itrip Nano.

A major UK retailer (Halfords or suchlike, I can't remember) had a large advert about a similar product in the Daily Mail on Friday.

Only at the bottom, and in unbelievably small type, did they point out that their product was actually illegal to use without permission.

Having said that, anyone who would be worried about the legal aspect of this needs to get out more.

I rather fancy Knacker of the Yard has more to worry about.

iTrip Nano for £23.49:


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Thanks Steve :thumbsup:

This iTRIP is for 3G/4G/Photo iPods and NOT for shuffle, Nano or 5G Video iPODs. This is mentioned in the original post as well.

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Thanks baker200 :wink:

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Yeah worth reading up on the legal side before buying -


While it only operates in a very small area, the device still contravenes … While it only operates in a very small area, the device still contravenes the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949. All FM frequencies have already been licensed to radio stations, and the regulator Ofcom says that by tuning your iTrip into the radio, you are effectively creating a pirate station...He added that the maximum penalty for using an iTrip was two years in prison or a large fine, but this was unlikely to happen.


Thanks baker200 :wink: 6% Quidco cashback with Sendit.com is only for NEW … Thanks baker200 :wink: 6% Quidco cashback with Sendit.com is only for NEW customers only.

Doh, never knew that, most probs explain why I haven't seen my cash back nevermind still a bargain
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