Griffin Reflect Case for iTouch £5 @ Halfords

Griffin Reflect Case for iTouch £5 @ Halfords

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Found 22nd Dec 2009
Reflect cases are durable polycarbonate shells that present a seamless, mirrored-chrome reflective finish to the world. Tuck your iPod inside a Reflect case; when you wake up your player, the bright, clear screen shows through the chrome faceplate as if by magic. Frame your iPod touch inside in a Reflect case; you still have complete access to the multi-touch display, and the award-winning industrial design of your iPod touch is perfectly complemented by Reflect's chrome-like finish.


Thank you so much, my daughter just bought an Ipod touch, so this is a fantastic xmas gift, ordered, and heat added! ps did a search for availability only in Brixton, London.

Just ordered one from Plymouth store thanks very much heat and rep added


Just ordered one from Plymouth store thanks very much heat and rep added

Just had a call from the Plymouth Halfords this product was recalled months ago and they have no stock despite the internet showing stock held.

Be warned this case is not for a 1st generation itouch - it has a slot on the side for i presume the volume
control and the case 2 pieces (front & back) will not come together as the 1st generation must be thicker.

Also the one i picked up did not look like the one on halfords website it looks like this one which says its for 2g models.…tle

It has just a cheap rubbish bit of chrome going round the front edge unlike the built up front going round the front button on the photo on their webpage so someone has co*ked up - basically the whole thing isn't worth a fiver !!
The other version looks better if you can get that for a fiver.
Its going back pronto ! I must remember to check out more reviews before taking the plunge !
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