Grill Glasses 1.00 poundworld
Grill Glasses 1.00 poundworld

Grill Glasses 1.00 poundworld

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I don't know if these are still in fashion but worth a try!


were these ever in fashion?

Original Poster

there seemed to be lots of girls my age wearing them

do these work with samsun or sony 3d tv?

if ur a chav going to a rave?


take your striped glasses and rack off back to 1984!! these were never cool!

Tut Tut peeps this is not a fashion site, please please remember this is a site for bargains, you vote on the price and not your own personal taste. personaly I hate them but the deal is hot.
If these are the cheapest you can get them then they are hot, you always have the choice to buy or not, voting things up or down for the wrong reasons damages the integrity of the site.

You've been able to get these in Primark for this price for ages so not really a huge deal.

BTW - I know personal opinions are shunned by some people on this site... (_;) ...but over here in Essex - home of the chavviest chavs - even we laugh at people that wear these. This type of glasses have got a nickname but I don't want to be offensive, so I'll leave it up to your imagination!


cheers miles, now shut it!


cheers miles, now shut it!

wow you are really sharp!! took you a whole month to come back with that retort


i dont live on this site like you do.
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