GRIM DAWN @ > Steam Key for £7.82

GRIM DAWN @ > Steam Key for £7.82

Found 26th Aug 2017
A new low for Grim Dawn.

This is another game I have been chasing for ever. This time the price seems right.

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Steam link:…wn/
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Great game. Only played 10hours but love the aesthetic and character building - a new expansion should be coming in the not too distant future too. Well worth it if you like games like titan quest, Diablo (2 more than 3) and pillars of eternity.
I concur as per Tee_Doff23, a really good game and if you enjoyed Titan Quest some of the original TQ team was involved with Grim Dawn.
Great game as above.
it`s got a bit of a janky control scheme, kinda half controller, half keyboard and the ui is way too small for my crappy eyes, but somehow i`m really enjoying this.
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