Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer £15 (Prime) / £18.99 (non Prime) at Amazon

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer £15 (Prime) / £18.99 (non Prime) at Amazon

Found 17th Jan 2018
It's back at £15!
Free delivery on £20 spend (or via Prime)

Mixed reviews - it obviously doesn't work for every kid but worth a punt at this price.
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Well worth the money! great price
Brilliant things these
paid about this for ours, but if I knew how good it would be to stop the little one coming into our room at daft o’clock in the morning, I’d have gladly paid double!!
Great product for giving your little one an idea what time it's officially 'getting up time'. She loves it and finds it almost like a game.
got one grandkids don't take any notice of it.still a good deal thoo
It's brilliant my little one can tell me it's 2.03 when he comes bounding in after waking up 😣
My 3 yr old loves this .. works to an extent .. still gets up before the sunrise .. just ordered for my 2 yr old
Missed the one of last week. Thx OP
Worked a bit with our eldest. Middle child doesn't take any notice of it and still comes through at anytime between midnight and 4am
It’s £20 not £15
Back up to £19.99 now
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