Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer £15  (Prime) / £18.99 (non Prime) at Amazon

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer £15 (Prime) / £18.99 (non Prime) at Amazon

Posted 12th Feb 2018
Just ordered this.

My 3 year old son wakes us up at 5am and says its morning. I'm hoping using this he'll identify when its okay to wake mummy and daddy up so we can get an extra couple of hours sleep.

The next best price available online that I could find was £19.99 at John Lewis.
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We have one of these, if it seems like it's not working at first, then I'd suggest sticking it out, as it gets better.
Our little one used to wake up and say the sunshine was taking too long to come on, now he wakes up at 6 most mornings and i genuinely believe this has helped, if he does wake up early, then he knows to wait until the sunshine comes on to get up. This is a good price, and I've voted hot.
They are fiddly to set up but do work in regulating sleep pattern
Had to buy one for my 2.5 yr old grandson. No idea how it works but gets fantastic reviews on Amazon. Seems to do exactly what it says on the box. Lotsa heat. Was on here for same price at Asda but no stock that I could find. Finally got one. Thanks kklown
I was trying to buy this on Amazon this morning and it was £20? Cracking find OP, I never saw it. Thanks
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