Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer ASDA instore only £12

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer ASDA instore only £12

Found 9th May 2013
Instore reductions only
The Gro-Clock is an easy to use visual communication device to help toddlers understand day and night.

The glowing screen shows images of stars and the sun to communicate "sleep" and "wake-up" time to children. The stars go out one by one during the night to show the passing of time, helping to ensure parents and children get some precious extra sleep.
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Fantastic price if your local has reduced them, our is still £20
This helped my toddler sleep in more. £12 is well worth it
Couldn't live without mine. Especially useful in the summer when they think its time to get up just because the sun is up at 5am!
Been to chelt looking for one of these couldn't find one
I have one and it doesn't work, the kids still get up far too early and when asked why, they say "we thought it was broken, it's light outside"
Helped my 3 year old understand it wasn't time to get up even though it was light outside on most days. Didn't always stop her shouting to tell me the sun hadn't appeared on her clock yet though. At this price it's hot.
I've picked up some bad sleep habits since uni, maybe I should get one xD
A shot or two of Brandy in the milk bottle before bed seems to work well too.
The best thing we've bought since having kids. Great if you can get it at this price

A shot or two of Brandy in the milk bottle before bed seems to work well … A shot or two of Brandy in the milk bottle before bed seems to work well too.

I thought that's what Babycham was for.
good deal wish i waited mine cost £20 from amazon.
Picked up the last one on the shelf at Chelmsley Wood store, many thanks!
Have to say we found this pointless and more hastle than its worth.
Great clock, only been using it for the last couple of days, not passed the stage where my son is waking me to ask me when the sun is going to pop out though, aaaargh, lol! Heat added, I paid £19.99 on Amazon so if you can find at this price it's a bargain.
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Not in Bristol Crbbs Causeway ASA:(
Loads in Hinckley at £12.
I definitely recommend these - we have just graduated to a proper clock at age 5, but this clever gadget must have given us all hours of extra sleep from about the age of 3! And this is a fantastic price.
Some years ago an elderly relative with dementia kept waking and phoning family contacts early summer mornings thinking it was afternoon. She was not able to understand a 24 hour clock.
This clock would have been very helpful.
The first asda deal that has been posted that I was actually able to find!!

A few left in Canterbury today. Got one. Thanks!
20 at my Asda
Paid £20 at Amazon last week. Not having much look training our daughter as she still wakes up early and says she wants the potty so comes out her room onto the landing and sees the daylight and then wants to go downstairs. Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
Still £20 at Asda Bedminster
Just picked one up today for £12 at my local Asda in Morley (Leeds). Thanks OP
£30 on website now :-*:'(
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