Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Clock Only £17.15 pricematched at Mothercare, full price is £29.99 - Needs Unexpiring Please!

Gro Clock Sleep Trainer Clock Only £17.15 pricematched at Mothercare, full price is £29.99 - Needs Unexpiring Please!

Found 12th Sep 2012
All Baby Needs web site are selling this at £17.95. Mothercare will pricematch & take off an extra 20% of the difference in price bringing it down to £17.15. (They are selling it for £21.95). This is a great price for a brilliant product with super reviews. A small price to pay in order to keep your toddler or child in bed for longer in the morning. Just imagine them getting up at say 7.30am instead of 5.30am! Free delivery too!
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Been trying one of these with our toddler for about a year now - still doesn't get the idea about waiting until 'Mr Sun' starts shining on the clock .... so it's back to the chains for us ....

Good product and a good price .
Pmsl above comment made my morning
Brilliant clock, it worked for us from the first time we used it!
typical, bought this a couple of months ago and couldn't find a good deal so ended up paying full price for it!
Our toddler gets the concept completely but refuses to stay in bed until the sun appears! It's a great idea but didn't work for us.I do think our little boy does find it a comfort to see the star if he wakes in the night as this is a bit like a nightlight. He has stopped saying he doesn't like the dark since we got it, so that's one benefit.
are Mothercare still doing the 20% offer? When I asked instore about it last weekend a member of staff told me they'd stopped doing it.
Laurieleigh they are deffo doing the 20% offer, it is on their price match policy online, although you will not get it in store. They have stopped the free £10 voucher though unfortunately.
This has been an absolute saviour for us. We spent a couple of months just putting our son back to bed until the sun's up but he's finally got the idea now and hasn't got up before the sun for about 4 months now. The other morning we heard him talking and singing to himself about 15 minutes before the sun came on, and he didn't get out of bed until it came on. He loves it - he likes waving good bye to the Sun at night and he gets out of bed and runs to tell us the sun's come up. He's gone from a 5.30/6am riser to 7am.

Probably one of the best things we've ever bought. Can't recommend it enough.
I agree it's been an absolutely brilliant invention, if in any doubt buy.
I love the nap setting which I sneakily use instead to get a wee extra 1/2 hr lie in until 7.30
How to get the pricematch ?
Nap setting? What's that?

We have one of these for our little boy and it's been great. Add a set of blackout blinds and you're good to go til 7 am all year round !

How to get the pricematch ?

Same question? Went all the way through checkout and it goes through at the full price
Not a bad product for a while until they start shouting for the sun to come out
You need to phone them for the price match
Brilliant product.

My 4-year-old has sometimes been sat up on her bed, silently waiting for the last star to disappear, then sun to appear, knowing that then it's time to get up. Previously, she'd be wandering into our bedroom at 4am, asking if it was time to get up yet..?

Worth every penny (particularly at this price).

One gotcha - we have noticed that sometimes, it "gets the calculations wrong" if the wake-up time is too many hours ahead of the current time. We'd set the alarm for 7.30am (wishful thinking in our house), but by midnight, almost all of the stars had disappeared, and at 4am, the sun was being shown. We get around this by reseting the alarm just before we get to bed. The manufacturer did offer to replace/repair it for us, but frankly, we can live with this issue.

Just rang and they won't price match as it's already discounted from £29.99
Did anyone manage to get the pricematch ?
Thank you. Just purchased two for my twins by phone. Mothercare price matched and took off the extra 20 percent.
Just ordered with pricematch, works 100%.

Good work OP
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Ordered, Pricematched, Have some heat. Ta

mmmmmm sleep, this will be good.
How do they do the discount? Do you get a code when you phone them?

Can anyone post that if so?

You order it over the phone with them and they process the price match while you are on the phone
ordered.....great value and great spot peeps


How do they do the discount? Do you get a code when you phone them?Can … How do they do the discount? Do you get a code when you phone them?Can anyone post that if so?Andy

You just call the Pricematch number, tell them the product you are buying. Tell them where you can find it cheaper.
They will take your details on the phone (address, card details) and place order for you on the phone

It comes out to £17.15

Remember it is 20% of the difference between Mothercare price and the other retailer, so £17.95 - 0.20*4 = £ 17.15

Hope this helps
Excellent thanks - just got one and no problem with a price match (seems they've done a few as it was no surprise to the lady I spoke to).

Baby is still quite young (14 months) but heard nothing but good things about these . . and been waiting for a deal on one
Dont get this price match thingy. I call them and saying I saw this product less Where?
best thing ive ever bought!
hmmmm tempted order this my son is 21 months, thanks op
was gonna order this but mothercare very sneakily but it down to 21.95
Sorry, seems a bit of confusion about Mothercare's price match policy. The product was already reduced to £21.95 at Mothercare but the website All Baby Needs is selling it at just £17.95. Call Mothercare'price match line on 0844-875 5133. They are open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm & Sun 9am-5pm. Tell them the product & the website which is selling it cheaper (as above). They will match the price & deduct an extra 20% off the difference in price, making it £17.15. Forgot to mention they are currently doing free delivery too! Even if you have already bought the product from Mothercare at the higher price, just call them up within 7 days & they will still honour the pricematch & refund the difference to you! Hope this clears things up & helps you all out. P.s. they pricematch on all products!
Why is this expired? Deal is still valid. How do you get it unexpired?
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog PLAYPENNIES
This need unexpiring. Valid and matched at 10am this morning.

Mothercare price is now £29.99 - meaning you get a better discount.
All Baby Needs is still £17.95
The price matched priced is now therefore £15.55

Sadly, free mother-care delivery to home has ended so it was delivery to store instead.

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