Gro Egg Room Thermometer £7.00 @ Asda instore

Gro Egg Room Thermometer £7.00 @ Asda instore

Found 12th Feb 2013
Noticed this in my local asda in Stenhousemuir last night. Looks like they're selling off the items from the recent baby promotion they've been running.

This retails around £15-20 so a decent deal if you can find it locally.
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which store?
Is this a free range egg?
They had some in asda Walton but think they were a little dearer, around £12. I've had one for five years now, used it with each of my children, its fab.
nothing ever went down in price at our asda they are pain in the neck
Im eggstatic about this deal....

this can go on all night
...but please don't
bought this for £18 on amazon good deal. But dont sell them in my asda

wow good price. I have one that my son uses. In fact my eldest used it some 7 years ago when I bought it. Well worth the £20 price I paid for it then. Certainly value for money. Especially in the summer time.
Is it organic?
I was gonna be two of these but one's un ouff
19.98 in Leicester. Must be store specific and expiring it will save people time as i doubt that anyone else will a find it
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Not in my ASDA, it is store specific. Bought on amazon yesterday for £14.50. I think this was a good price
Bought one of these for our little one two years ago. Wish I'd never bothered to be honest as the temperature reading was never right. After googling, it seems to be a problem with all of these gro-eggs. Bit daft as you only buy it for one reason and it cant get it right!
Ours was up to 5 or 6 degrees out in some cases. May not seem much but when the ideal temp for your little one is 18 degrees - not much use when the egg says 24 degrees!
15 quid in notts
What's wrong with common sense! = £7 saved
clearly not across the stores, in my local (bedhampton) they are £20 :-(
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