Gro-Light Intelligent Ceiling Night Light £11.97 delivered @ Amazon

Gro-Light Intelligent Ceiling Night Light £11.97 delivered @ Amazon

Found 17th May 2010
* Automatically selects LED night light or main bulb light depending on light level of room
* Fits between a ceiling light fitting and the light bulb
* Easy operation from the wall light switch
* Adjustable sensitivity and LED brightness and simple to override settings from wall switch
* For use with bayonet low energy or filament bulbs


Couldn;t work out was this was for so copied this from the amazon listing:

Manufacturer's Description
The Gro-Light Intelligent Ceiling Night Light cleverly knows when to change from the brightness of the main pendant bulb to its own softer, more sleep-sensitive LED lights. Its dim enough not to disturb, but bright enough to help you check and tend to baby.

It's perfect for nurseries, stairways and landings. In fact, anywhere that you want a low level of light at night. The night light will automatically select either the LED night lights or main bulb, depending upon the level of light in the room. At night or in very dark rooms, when you turn on the light at the wall switch, the sensor in the Gro-Light automatically switches on the LED night lights that fill the room with a soft white night light.

At dusk or during the daytime, when you press your light switch the sensor in the night light will automatically select the main bulb to come on to provide full light to the room. At any point, if you want to override the current mode, simply flick the wall light switch off and on again to change mode. This can be handy in the middle of the night if you suddenly need the main light on. Alternatively for positions like stairways, you may wish to have the nigh light setting on before it gets dark and you have gone to bed.

expensive for just 1 bulb

So when its dark, its stops you turning the light on?


So when its dark, its stops you turning the light on?

No, read the info.

I have got this, it is actually quite good! Its just an attachment for the original light bulb but with LED's around it, all u need to do is attach your normal bulb to it, u just need to switch you light switch on and off on the wall to change from the normal light to LED's mode and again from LED's mode to noraml light. Very convenience! U might think a dimmer light switch would also work well as a night light, but the dimmer switch that ive got would only take normal bulbs (not the energy saving one) so its a nightmere. Its great if u have small children's and babies, i would recommend it to any one

Anybody with kids should buy one of these, I can't recommend it enough and I use it every night.

Basically, you turn the light on once and the night light is activated, if you switch off and back on, your normal light comes on.

You can control the brightness of the nightlight with a dial on the unit. I use it every night for putting my baby to sleep and for checking on him, you can see perfectly but the nightlight doesn't wake or disturb him whatsoever!

Works with a normal or energy saving bulb. Normally about £20, so this is a bargain.

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