Grobag 2.5 tog sleeping bags from £13 at John Lewis

Grobag 2.5 tog sleeping bags from £13 at John Lewis

Found 6th Feb 2014
Good price for genuine grobags. These are great for allowing you to put the baby down without waking them up by tucking in blankets. John lewis branded sleeping bags are also on offer starting from £10.00.
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Growbags were an absolute godsend for us when our sprogs were little. Very useful things.
Brought thank you OP! my little boy is 5 months and hate being covered up he kicks his blankets off so now i use grobags / sleeping bags they are amazing and he sleeps so well in them, he has just outgrown his 0-6 ones so ive got the 6-18months ! thanks again
Bought the john lewis verion for £10 thanks
You'll be able to sell on eBay after use for up to £10 too. JL own brand would only fetch a few quid.
Ink not working.
Thank you
gro bags are fab. Had to import from Germany 19 years ago for my daughter to use (£45 back then). We used to pop her in her gro bag and then strap into her car seta, it was so easy to transfer her to her cot when we got home and she was asleep.
The cheapest ones are "travel" ones - not as good IMHO. There are no poppers on the shoulder, so it's much harder to put on a sleepy baby - you have to bend their arms through holes rather than do it up around them.

Good price for the normal ones though.
Please note: Size 0-6 months has shoulder and underarm poppers, while the large sizes have side zips
Was looking for these, thank you x
Thank you, gone a bit mad and bought two different designs 0-6 months, and 2 different designs 6-18. Mix of travel ones as well so should be stocked up.
Thanks that's brilliant was looking to buy more grobags so have just ordered to 2. Lots of heat added x
Fab thanks ordered
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