Grobag Egg Baby Thermometer and Night Light £1.00 @ Asda instore

Grobag Egg Baby Thermometer and Night Light £1.00 @ Asda instore

LocalFound 23rd Dec 2014
Wet out today to ASDA in watford and saw these in the £1 section, apologies no photo but there were 5 all in a row, asked a member of staff and they were indeed £1.. didn't buy one but seems like a great deal to me!!
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Great deal, I have four, never paid less than £9 even 2nd hand on ebay
Seems too good to be true...
I wish I never bothered buying mine... It ALWAYS said the room was too hot. I even took it in the garden at night... Still said it was too hot there as well, lol!
in-store, 95% off RRP, no pics, didn't buy it... It's bound to get hot
£20 in Stevenage this morning...

Seems too good to be true...

for sure.
Ridic. Your here reading this and you didn't have one of these, you made it well done! This type of tat is not a prerequisite in order to get a baby through to adulthood. Trust your judgement.
as a thermometer these are pants, but as a very discreet night light, they are superb. Paid £7 for ours a year or so ago when the baby event finished and they were selling them off.
Thermometer? Rectal? With a built in light?
We have one and it works well. Paid £14
Wow Walmart wow!!!!
What a heat for ghost deal.
So nobody actually scanned one, nobody has actually bought one at this price, yet this gets hot? I need to drink more before this makes any kind of sense
receipt ?
sounds like horse poop
I didn't find it in asda Watford.
Nowhere in Essex!
Hmmmmm cold from me... no proof
The ASDA in Wembley showed this to be at £20.
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