Grobag Egg Thermometer and Night Light- £13.50 Free C&C/£3 Delivery (also available @ Mothercare) @ John Lewis

Grobag Egg Thermometer and Night Light- £13.50 Free C&C/£3 Delivery (also available @ Mothercare) @ John Lewis

Found 30th Aug 2014
Cheapest I have seen them in a while. Free to order online and collect instore at your nearest John Lewis or Waitrose

Also available in Mothercare - advertised online

Product information
This simple to use thermometer changes colour according to the room temperature and acts as a warning if the room is too hot or cold. It also provides baby with a soft and comforting glow at night. With digital thermometer and permanent backlit LCD readout. Mains powered.

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Same price delivered at Amazon or Tesco click and collect so this price is nothing special op. Sorry, voted cold.

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get it on amazon with free delivery.…BN8?cache=f06dd7e3ebdbc55eb5815ae8f45e58d5π=SY200_QL40&qid=1409378122&sr=8-1#ref=mp_s_a_1_1
Wait until the baby event ends in Asda and you'll pick one up for about £7
These are a waste of money and don't work very well-just look at how many are for sale on eBay that are 'hardly used'. Don't waste your money!
I actually have one of these and love it. I live in an old house and the temperature can really fluctuate, especially in my dd's room. I'm also pretty rubbish with temperatures (always seem to be much hotter or colder than everyone else in the house)
I read review which mentioned that the unit produces heat that throws the temps off. Is this still true?
Don't waste your money. These are another gimmick aimed at first time parents who are fooled into thinking you need every baby item available. After two decades of being alive it would be hoped most humans can detect if a room is hot, cold or somewhere inbetween.

...I will add that when I was pregnant with my first child I did in fact buy this egg as I though it was essential. It was only used for about two weeks until I realised that it was completely pointless and it was packed away in a box somewhere.

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Pretty useless gimmick. Same price on Amazon but with free delivery. Cold, sorry.
Same price on Amazon with Free delivery. COLD!
I think it is very useful, only criticism is that is not showing the humidity level as well.
Cheap £4 devices show both temperature and humidity, but this £20 device does not....
makes a nice nightlight though! also 13.99 in argos
Agree with the comments above. Used it briefly before realising it was completely pointless.

Waste of money.
We were given one for our baby and the temperature aspect was ok but the light was no way bright enough to be useful in the middle of the night. We ended up buying a monitor with a night light built in and the egg went to the car boot.

get it on amazon with free delivery. … get it on amazon with free delivery.

Thanks for the link
Got given one but the temperature is about 4 degrees out. I've checker with 3 other thermometers. Used it for 2 nights then stopped. Good idea if it worked.
Saw this in mothercare in brent cross for £11.99
We have one of these BT baby monitors which does the same as this grow eggs color changing temperature night light with the added bonus of playing lullabies, projecting a light show on the ceiling, built in torch an of course it's a great baby monitor.

Much better device but yes it does cost more.…9C0
I had one of these, too dim to be a nightlight and the temp was always wrong!!
I'm a first time parent and bought one of these. Not because I thought I needed it, but because I liked the look of it! It's a decent night light and im i've tested it against other thermometers and its always within a decent range
It's not that bad
I find ours very useful... Although it would be handy if it had a digital clock on it!
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