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Asda is one of the UK’s most famous supermarket retailers. Owned by Walmart since 1999, Asda has over 500 stores across the UK, where they sell everything from fruit and veg to their own branded clothing in the George product line. They also regularly run discount deals, all of which are collected at the Asda HotUKDeals pages. Read more

All Asda Deals, Discounts & Sales for October 2018

Dyson DC14 and DC19 (I think, cylinder style) £100 @ Asda
Found 25th Jan 2010Found 25th Jan 2010
Asda, Leckwith Road, Cardiff had 2 pallets of these at the front of the store today. DC14 for £100 and DC19 (I think) £100. I know these were on offer just after christmas, but s… Read more

Back up to £215! ;-)


picked dc19t2 up from Govan branch Tonight still had a couple of dc14's left hope it helps.


Seems like the DC19t2 is better then if you need all floors, as the dc14 is the standard version.... Also you can save another £10


Just picked one up. Heat and rep added


I just nabbed one from Eastgate store (Basildon), they had around half a dozen of both. None in South Woodham Ferrers, Rayleigh, or the other Basildon store.

gillette fusion blades  £5.00 instore at asda.
Found 25th Jan 2010Found 25th Jan 2010
4 fusion blades for £5.00 instore at asda. Seems like the deal is online as well. Posting deal for the first time. so please be patient and not too harsh.

Finally got 2 packs in my local asda, they were out of stock 2 days ago. Persistent pays off.:thumbsup:


I have just been in my local store (Luton) and can confirm they have the Fusion gamer for £3 and Fusion blades pack of 4 for £5 both with plenty of stock


Well, just had my order delivered. Got 5 packs of Fusion Power blades instead of the manual ones. Definitely wont be complaining lol.


Voted hot, ASDA in Hyson Green, Nottingham :| had some in.


Just bought the white Fusion (Gamer i think..) for £3 and 5 packs of blades :) H&R added!

Heinz soup all flavours 5 tins for £2 @Asda
Found 25th Jan 2010Found 25th Jan 2010
Sorry guy's another Asda deal I only ment to post 1 deal but thought I would let you know about these. Both online and instore cheapest they have been for a while
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Good deal but its already been posted ]

Asda milk chocalate 400g for only 50p instore
Found 25th Jan 2010Found 25th Jan 2010
As above, the link is to the 200g bars which are £1 each or two for £1.50 can't seem to find the 400g bars but I expect some-one will.These were £1.98 so at 50p could not resist.
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Excellent bargain.Heat added. Should get very hot.


Nice chocolate


Found in the dreaded West Swindon store.

Napolina Chopped tomatoes 2 for £1 @ Asda
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
Napolina Chopped tomatoes 2 for £1

Uh?. We got some reduced to 5p a box, them little plastic tub things?. We boil the kettle, throw tomatos in a bowl, put boiling water in the bowl, the skins begin to come away from the tomato, empty water, remove tomato skins. Then put in a pan, and heat, This cost about 10p for 4 people :thumbsup:


Never buy chopped tomatoes, always go for the whole ones. Google it and read the scary stories. ;-)




Asda's own brand are better than these. For the last year the quality has gone. Loads of solid large green chunks of tomato instead of nice soft red chunks. Asda chopped tomatoes with herbs are great with a fry-up.


cheaper in tesco-49p a tin

Grants Whisky 70cl £8 at Asda Instore
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
Had loads on a rack, even after I took 3 :) Works out to £11.42/litre. 70cl is £10/bottle online. This is instore. Had a good search here, couldn't find it posted.

Not nationwide so cold from me. Not just in you local Asda is it? Should check b4 posting! Can this be checked and expired?


£10 my local too.


Bells isn't as good as it used to be I think?


Thats not a great slogan, i'd give there PR man the boot. I gonna GET SOME!!!


£10 in my local asda's so its not nationwide deal

Surf Small & Mighty 42 washes £3.00 at Asda
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
Surf small and mighty with essential oils - 42 washes for £3.00 - surely a bargain? Beats recent Persil posts at £3.96 for 42 washes. Rolled back from £5.??
agnostic £2.92 instore at Tesco Express 24/01/2010


Saw this when shopping online yesterday but when my delivery came is was out of stock.


Any other deals that expired a week ago that you fancy posting?



ok lol sorry its still 4 quid in other tescos just cheaper in express for some reason

Cadburys Mini Eggs 2 for £4 (360g bags) @ asda
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
Asda are selling 360g bags of Mini Eggs for £3.37 or 2 for £4.

I am on the Atkins diet - and eggs are allowed in fact encouraged


Ah, good old mini eggs. Still make me chuckle. The £5 for two-tonne deal from last year will never be bettered. Those were the days.

30 Medium eggs in tray WAS £3 NOW £2.50 @ asda
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
not sure if instore only i guess it should be online too plus nationwide GO ON..... GET SCRAMBLING! dont forget to pop on a generous handful of cathedral mature cheese in the mix… Read more

Shengis, I'm starting to come round to yasmo's way of thinking... what the hell are you on about?


This : 30 MeDiUm EgG TrAy £2.50 @ asda Also did it on the milk tray deal ;-)


....back on topic!..... thanks for posting, good price but prob not a lot more egg for your money than Iceland's 15 large eggs for £1.50. And no, they aren't free range either. :)


yasmo, I have to admit I have no idea what Shengis was on about with that post but my point (perhaps poorly made), was that your comment was actually also 'irrelevant' to the thread (ALL of what we have BOTH said is irrelevant to the thread). I in turn made a comment about your post but you went on the defensive which was the effect that my wording was designed achieve, I was 'reflecting' your style of attack. I think you let yourself down with at least one of your choice of words in your original post (just my opinion). There's nothing wrong in challenging someone on what they have to say but putting your point across in an intelligent and professional manner immediately lends weight to your position. You're obviously and intelligent person, don't lower your standards. Anyway, we digress (yet again! :-D). May I wish you good luck with your future career and say that I hope it works out for you and that you go on to become a caring professional.


another chicken in subscribed death to the chickens!!!!

ASDA pampers size2 £8,00!!!!!!! per 96 box!!!!!!!!!
Found 24th Jan 2010Found 24th Jan 2010
offer says 2 for £18 which is a good deal, as a single box is advertised at £11.96p but when scanned go through at £8.00 per box of 96!!
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These are slightly cheaper in Wilkinsons - £5.97 for 76.


Oooo will check out tomorrow thanks :)


Going to stock up . thanks


Bargin!!! I bought some today....

Lindt Chocolate Red - 200g @ Asda
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
Well i went to get a few things these evening, and as i was putting my items through the self checkout i put my Lindt Chocolate through and it asked for a price verification and wh… Read more
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If so, the store i purchased from was Asda Accrington


yes, wasnt even busy so they wernt rushing.. i scanned them, it beeped for a price check, they store logged and scanned there card and it added it to the basket as £0.00. Assistant didnt say anything :D


Most likely to be a store specific error


But did they let you take them?

Kodak CD82 12 megapixel camera £55 @ Asda
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
Share your pictures with the Kodak EasyShare CD82. With a gorgeous 3-inch display and high resolution you can see what you have photographed in great detail. With features such as … Read more
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Sadly missed it. Now marked as out of stock.


[FONT=Verdana] Here's hoping I have it right for you! ;-) Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:[/FONT]


Thanks scotty :) must be it I was in the Milton store in Dundee and seen it earlier at 5pm


[FONT=Verdana]I think it might be this one (only one that came up when searching Google) but I could be wrong - unfortunately I don't have a store nearby to confirm. Kodak CD82 12MP Camera and Case | Digital Cameras | ASDA direct,default,pd.html Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup: [/FONT]

Single vision glasses £50 - all Designer single vision £70 - Buy 2 pairs for £90 @ ASDA Opticians + Cashback
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
At ASDA Opticians we are the first to ensure that the price you see is the price you pay, no matter what your prescription is. All George single vision glasses are £50 and all des… Read more

Self EXPIRED this as edi's deal here: is FAR CHEAPER :thinking: :thumbsup:


Yes but you get to see and try on all the frames, eye test if required (extra cost), fitting and adjustment without having to mess about with sending specs back, 12 month warranty and for the higher prescriptions up to their qouted maximums +/- 20 higher index lenses at no extra cost. I got the two for one variafocal deal with designer frames on an existing prescription superb glasses after the MSE thread and a previous post on here. Goggles4U quality is suspect frames cheap and glasses I ordered were wrong prescription, sent back and still came back wrong! This is well worth it and nothing was too much trouble for Asda staff. Recommended. :-D H&R


Sorry, but £70 for a pair of "George" supermarket glasses a bargain? Are they having a laugh? Even at £90 for 2 pairs I'm already thinking of places like brille24, goggles4u and glassesdirect where you can get a decent pair of specs for around £40 delivered.


this was at the bottom of the price list Excludes prescriptions outside +20 or -20 or anything above a 5 CYL and outside +6 and -8 or anything above 4CYL for multifocal.


this has been on moneysaving-loads on there bout it.It includes thinner lenses if you need them-they don't charge more for higher index's.

Top 20 paperback books 2 for £5 at ASDA instore
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
2 for £5 or £3 each!! Books such as: The murder of king tut - James Patterson Red Dahlia - Lynda De Plante Thanks Jack
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The books vary in quality as they vary with co-author. That alone makes it clear that he isn't the one actually writing them!


I thought Midnight Club was a brilliant book. I did wonder how he seemed to be able to write and publish a book something ridiculous like every 2 months (probably less than that but its still excessive compared to other authors).


Im afraid its bad journalism because I can't give you a specific point of reference, but I have read it twice in different magazines/review articles. So, ya know, im not 100% on it, but its a fair assumption.


How do you know that? (or is it just an assumption?)


Saw this yesterday - good deal!

Asda Cleaning Event Starts Today.  Domestos 2 for £1.  Fairy Washing UP Liquid 2 for £1
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
Local store had: Pink Domestos 2 for £1 Fairy Washing UP Liquid (2 certain varieties), 2 for £1 Selection of Flash cleaning products 2 for £1 COmfort fabric conditioner 21 wash… Read more


i was there yesterday and saw a shop keeper buying boxes after boxes, he cleared up the shelves. i only bought a few, he was after the same as me so we got talking, he mentioned he was a shop keeper. it wasent nice all he saw in them wass profit, no care for anyone else. any how i got my ones so i was happy.


Bump!. Full two pages in todays sun :)


I agree, starting to notice myself the asda prices have risen, so much so, many thigns are cheaper at even Sainsburys! never thought i'd say that. Also my local shop sells many items at below asda price now, bread, milk eggs etc, all cheaper than asda.....not so sure i shall be so loyal to them anymore


Available on line just done my order for next week

Finish Powerball Classic Dishwasher Tablets £1 for 15 (6.7p each) @ Asda
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
Just visited asda Wythenshawe after work this morning a saw this offer - it is online too. I bought a few boxes of these as 6.7p per tablet is a good price for dishwasher tablets. … Read more
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yep definetely not expired just got 8 boxes from rugby


still available online!!!! Needs unexpiring


NOT expired - just stocked up with 4 boxes at Asda Milton Keynes!


Powerful dishwasher tablets. I m using it. Superb deal with suitable price.


Going to Asda after lunch so hopefully will pick some of these up. Kinkladze, what a blast from the past! Those goloy days when Derby were exciting to watch!

5 Pack - Peperami Hot - £1 @ Asda - were £2.35 !!
Found 23rd Jan 2010Found 23rd Jan 2010
100% Pork Salami A tasty meat snack packed full of meat! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Offer still on ............


savvy consumers don't care




"Pepperami - it's a bit of an animal". The Question is...... which bit? :oops:


I've still not got over the fact that they don't make the Firesticks anymore.. :-( WHY WHY WHY ? This is second best, therfore; heat ;D

Wrigley's Extra Ice Mints Peppermint - SEL stated £0.30, scanned £0.10 @ Asda
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
Wakefield Store - SEL stated 30p, but when scanned they came up at 10p a pack. Wasn't many on the shelf, would assume it is nationwide. These are normally about £1...

yep deffo available, they usually are by the checkout tills, hot deal:thumbsup:


I do not work for Asda... SEL is used in any retail store for a Shelf Edge Label, like thepearce I am abnormal, and I kinda like it!!


Perhaps not the "normal" public, but certainly anyone who's read a thread about Tesco misprices and the like. I guess I must be abnormal.


Whoever posted this deal must work for asda, SEL is a word used by asda colleagues not normal public, so go figure.


ASDA seem to be reducing alot of mints and gums Orbit/Extra 10p last week 5 gum for 2p yesterday

2.5ltr concentrate Screenwash for £1 @ Asda instore
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
2.5ltr of concentrate screenwash at Asda for a quid!
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yeah but screenwash is used as an additive in the washer bottle to prevent freezing off the window washers,as well as cleaning the windows. so it should work at below -5. when it was snowing up in scotland and probably everywhere else in the uk, the roads where terrible, car windows where getting dirty, but we had nothing to spray them with as the washers had frozen.:thinking:


Strange that people are having problems with this freezing as its screen wash not anti-freeze.


:-D No wonder its cheap


would not buy again, the concentrate froze in the bottle when in the boot of my car.


i agree with others comments on this, i had a half bottle of this in the boot, went to use it during the cold snap and it was like a slush puppy, and this was undiluted, think it said on the bottle effective to -3c or round about that

Resident Evil 5 (PS3) £12 @ Asda Instore
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
For those unable to pick one up at Sainsburys for £12: Asda are selling the PS3 version of the game for … Read more

15 minutes... 5 minutes... is that really giving the game a chance to get going though? How can you have such a strong opinion of a game if you've only spent a tiny amount of time on it?


I agree mentioned this in the Sainsburys thread I lasted 5 minutes at most


Managed to find a copy in the Long Eaton Asda, but price was £15. Still a good price and they had 3 copies left. No copies in West Bridgford or Spondon


Only for the US ($49.99). So expect £40-50. I don't get the game crit at all. It's fantastic! I've replayed it over and over. The graphics are top notch as well. Muddy? Maybe get a new TV??


It's a decent enough game but I certainly didn't get the urge to constantly replay it like I did (& still do) with RE4.

Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
A few amazing instore deals on Tools at ASDA With 'REDUCED' stickers on. draper Workbench £3.00 reduced from £7.00 (seems cheap to start with!) Black & Decker 9.6v cordless d… Read more
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Prices are reduced on some of the sale lines in our local, but it was hard to see wich as the shelf edge labels shown the reduced price and the display packaging had the original price, worth a look if passing. I picked up the george 'formby' for twenty five quid and the work bench was less than fifteen quid but I thought it was a tenner to start with then in another store for £8.50


cheers but asda are another one ov these stores where they never have any stock and if they do its a totally different price to any other asda store lol


Nope packaging is pristine. There was a lot of stock in Hartlepool store earlier today. So if you are near there pick yourself up a bargain EDIT: These aren't whoops stickers, dunno why i put that - I just looked at the photos & the drill in my hand they are the yellow 'reduced' stickers. Apologies I am daft


is the packaging damaged? you got bargains but these 'whoops' arent used when something is reduced nationwide, this is stock that has parts missing or damaged packaging usually, I went to asda today and this work bench is £15


a couple of pics too:

2l bottles of Coke and Diet Coke 3 for £3 at Asda
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
Back again! 3 x 2 litre bottles of Coke and Diet Coke for just £3 in-store at Asda - great deal!
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cheap and nice deal.


Keep that up and you'll be missing 24 teeth.


The own brand one isn't that bad either tbh and that's 3 for £1. Bought 24 bottles of their caffine free one which will last a good 3 months in our house till I need to get it again. :thumbsup:


Just looked on the website... it includes: Coke Diet Coke Cherry Coke Caffeine Free Diet Coke Coke Zero Cherry Diet Coke Diet Coke Citrus Zest


nice one... did they have the caffine free in this deal as well or the coke Zero..??

Epson Stylus SX215 All-in-One Printer (Individual Inks, 3.8cm LCD Viewer, Memory Card Slot) £35 @ Asda
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
£5 cheaper than the Amazon deal yesterday. Asda instore spotted at Handsworth, Sheffield. I advise calling your local and checking the stock before making the trip to buy
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Blyth have them at £47. Anyone confirm that Metrocentre is still £35 today to save on Petrol?


Oh do get over yourself.


*officially has a new pet-hate of HUKD* People who know about deals similar/better than current but do not post them - instead, just lurk.


i mentioned this deal in another thread a few days back just to help out i guess the search thing on here is so poor that some may feel we'll just get called for re-posting deals !


So why didn't you post it? :?

Curry and Chinese Deli choice 2 persons meal for £4@Asda
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
Went to curry/chinese deli counter and said that till sunday meal for 2 is £4 instead of £7. Not being advertised instore but the press!! You get 2 meat/veg dishes 2 rice 2 snack… Read more

i've found that sometimes these are store specific, if anyone goes near halifax one can they let me know as i'll send SWMBO up after work!! lol it's a great deal though


thats my friday night meal sorted!! thanks


I saw these in Asda last night and got one, what a bargain! Heat from me. Well, you have to, cold curry is rancid.

Goodfella's Delicia - Pizzas Deal - £1 @ Asda
Found 22nd Jan 2010Found 22nd Jan 2010
Goodfella's Classic Thin Delicia Pepperoni Pizza (310g) Goodfella's Delicia Chicken Provencal (330g) Goodfella's Delicia Traditional Pizza Margherita (315g) Goodfella's Solo BBQ… Read more

Always pick up a pepperoni one when I see them on offer. Yum yum!


My fave pizza. Its normally always on offer somewhere for £1 and I wouldnt pay more than that for it.


Been on offer for a week now :) Heat added!


mmm pizza, voted hot.


very hot hot pizza deal.

Asda mega value all in one finish tabs less than half price £6  ..............60's
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Spotted these last night while filling the shelves. Was loads of them came in. and loads of other things surf washing powder domestos bleach toliet cleaner fabrezze can't remember… Read more

Thanks. Will pick some up on way home tonight


The somerfield / coop deal on these is still on, bought some today from my local, 60 tabs for £5


Thought asda were suppose to be the cheapest...yet coop does them for £5 when they had them on promotion.Had asda done them for £5 as well , then the deal would be a lot hotter.


was that last week? they where £3 on promo!


Maybe no price 'cos they were lined up ready for a deal about to start next day??

Kids 3 sets long sleeve pyjamas at  Adsa Instore only £5
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Great buy. You get 3 long sleeve tops and 3 pairs of bottoms for only £5. They have a beautiful range for the girls. I bought a boys set still very nice. I have bought these befor… Read more

Got these for my little girl, love them :-D


Hi, couldnt get any images of the pj's but they had about 3 different designs for the boys. There is a orange set which has images of cartoon lions, a black and white set and a blue set. All quite nice.


Any pics of the boys? sounds great!!

Magnetic exercise bike,instore only Asda-£20!!!
LocalLocalFound 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Seen this as I was leaving the store. Previously £35.Worth a shot?? Out of stock online Description 1. Computer monitors: Scan, Time, Speed, Distance and Calories. 2. High quali… Read more

Hi fellas the debate going on here over beefy wives is kind of asking for some kind of debate, possibly a debate amongst the masses? :whistling:


Nobody figured out how to change it to miles then?


I'm all heart, shes trying it out now


must have been local store only or something, 'wife has put a bit of beef on' class.


I paid £20 for it yesterday

65cm Gym Ball reduced from £8 to £2.50 instore only Asda
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Instore only as online says £4 and out of stock Bought 1 today from Asda,Coleraine. 2--way pump included

Go to your room and write on the wall,100 times..."I must read the title before I write stupid comments" :whistling:


Good for core stability, these. Don't really know what that is, but it sounds OK. Ivan Trump uses these, I believe.




£3.50 we bought 1 last night, like you said kids love them :thumbsup:


my local sainsbury's were selling some of these balls last week for a simlir price...

Whiskas 12PK Adult Pouches 3 FOR £8 ( Yes 36 Pouches for £8) in Asda
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Asda are currently running this deal both instore and online Three 12 Pack Pouches for £8 (36 pouches in total) This includes Jelly, Gravy, Sauce, Senior and Kitten Varieties in … Read more
Get dealGet deal

Great deal especially for the older ones who only eat the senior. voted hot


Annoying our cat didn't like those that are included in the 24 pack boxes so that deal was no good for us :( However this is useful for those that like us have to buy the 12 packs to get the right flavours, and get a variety


ohh hang on......that hasn't ended - voted cold due to the 24 pk being a much cheaper deal.


worse than the previous deal of a 24 pk for £4....shame that had to end.


] Just in case the go to deal link does not work for you

Ring O' Roses Fifi 1/2 @ Asda .. £8.49
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
I saw this toy too at Asda, only a few in stock. She sings the ring-a-ring a roses song when you hold both her hand, my daughter was quite amazed with it whilst i was shopping.

i got this for a friends child.. if you hold Fifi's hand, you hold your daughters hand, and your daughter holds Fifi's hand... she will sing then too lol

Fifi £5 @ asda insore
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Excellent bath toy, i got one for my little one. £5 a bargain..they had lots in my asda store too. online it is £8.50

Hard to believe but should last even longer as well!


Hmmm better price and more entertaining than Kevin Costners Waterworld at least!


It's been this price at my Asda for months. Got one for my little girl before Xmas. Not a bad price for a bath toy.

Quaker oats "Paw Ridge" new brand for children normally £1.98 on saturday £1 @ Asda !!
Found 21st Jan 2010Found 21st Jan 2010
Quaker oats "Paw Ridge" new brand for children normally £1.98 on saturday £1!! good healthy breakfast for kids, and fun new characters which appeal to children! testers available S… Read more

i think the plus point of these is that children can make it themselves without having to measure it out knowing they have the right serving size. And they aren't losing out they still get kid friendly packaging :) So these are good value for children, maybe not for adults.


250g for £1 if you buy the sachets. Even Ocado sell 500g of oats for 38p and they arent the cheapest! Like I said, its a lot of money to pay for a box....


£1 - 10 sachets! surely thats a good deal!


How much are they doing it for in there? ;-)


not all kids want to eat out of a plain bag of oats! it hardly appeals to them like this will!

Kopparberg Pear Cider X 8 500ml Cans for £6!
Found 20th Jan 2010Found 20th Jan 2010
I went to Asda today for my shopping and saw this great offer. 4 cans are £5.43 or you can buy 8 cans for £6. Both Online and Instore. Saving of £4.86!!!
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It did for me in the watford one, £5.43 for 4 or £6 for 8 :D


Will it scan at this price if the shelf label says otherwise? Still £6 (ish) for four in my local...


Got 8x4 cans today at Asda Old Kent Road, London. Had to ask staff because the deal wasn't mentioned on the shelves. Saved more than £20;). Will get suitably merry later on;).


Not my favourite tipple, but my wife loves Kopparberg cider, she says it's a good deal, so heat added.


it's a nice drink to have between beers, to clean the pallet so to speak. the branding behind, cider and now it's derivatives was nothing short of genius.. how did the UK go from one summer, thinking cider is tramp juice to the next where we're buying it in Wetherspoons at 3 Quid a jar with ice?

Highland Park Malt Whisky Aged 12 Years (700ml) - £22.06 in ASDA
LocalLocalFound 20th Jan 2010Found 20th Jan 2010
Highland Park Single Malt was £28.24 now £22.06 in ASDA Confirmed on mysupermarket

It was £28 something in asda after xmas as I contrmplated getting it, glad i waited till the one i had was done.


This is a great malt


Good price for Highland Park 12yo. Asda probably didn't reduce it from £28.24 as that's top-end price.

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