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Asda is one of the UK’s most famous supermarket retailers. Owned by Walmart since 1999, Asda has over 500 stores across the UK, where they sell everything from fruit and veg to their own branded clothing in the George product line. They also regularly run discount deals, all of which are collected at the Asda HotUKDeals pages. Read more

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Nestle curiously cinnamon £1 @ ASDA
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
Nestle curiously cinnamon (used to be cinnamon grahams) rolled back from £2.08 to £1 at asda online.

yes saw these, they also had kellogs frosties for a pound 500grams box:thumbsup:


Buy-curiously cinnamon :whistling:


Got me selft 2 boxes the other day. Clusters are also £1 aswell in ASDA.


why so curious?


Try it with raisins. De-lish! :D

Finish All in 1 Tablets Lemon (60) (RRP £13.00), better than half price, only £6 !!! @ASDA
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
As the title says, Finish All in 1 Tablets Lemon (60) for £6 saw these in Leeds store i.e. 10p/tablet. Mega Value, All in One Dishwashing Tablets Price Comparison ===========… Read more

Tabs at anything less than 12p are good value. Heat.


done, thanks:thumbsup:


lol Mini Moderator :p


presume this is asda lol (without clicking on go to deal!) you need to add where from in your title x

Hobgoblin 8 bottles for £8.13 (buy 2 boxes for £16) from ASDA
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
Asda continues to keep the real ale boys happy. Picked these up today, a box of 8, 500ml bottles, for £8.13. It was such a good offer I snuck another box in under the wenches nose.… Read more

Anyone else think Hobgoblin ale tasted better before Wychwood brewery sold out to Marston's? I find the taste sweeter and the quality not as good as it was.


I LOVE this stuff - 8 bottles a day keeps my eyes pointing in opposite directions!


This is good if you want to give a crate as a pressie; one for ya' dad, one for ya' grandad/uncle etc


I will have to go to Lidl as I like the other beers as well. I was just surprised that ASDA had it at this price and I know lidl is almost everywhere now. But for some Asda may be the only option.


Beat me to it! :p

Weetabix Minis Chocolate Crisp £1.00 at Asda
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
Weetabix Minis Chocolate Crisp is simply irresistible! After all, who could say no to tiny, tasty, wholewheat Weetabix Minis combined with nuggets of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate?! … Read more
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Asda are selling the 450g boxes for £1.


450g :thumbsup:


how many grams is the one which the OP listed..??


the 375g are also £1 in iceland and poundland


There are 2 different sizes in these , the one Home Bargains are doing is the 375g box and you can get them for pretty much between £1 and £1.50 in a lot of places, these in Asda are the 450g boxes which is a great bargain , I only know so much cos my son eats them for brekkie everyday and they cost me a fortune so I like to stock up when i see offers on !! Thanks OP :):thumbsup:

Comfort £1 @ asda
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
Available in all "flavas"

They have this promotion regulary and i always stock up on the blue one, as has been said the smell lasts so long compared to other brands.


Is this 1l bottle?. They are also selling 3L for £3. Better for stocking up.


some of them have 30p off coupons stuck on them. i only saw them on the orange one


this stuff is the best when it comes to your laundry - smell lasts for ages and thats a fab price !

Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
NO SPECIAL CODE NEEDED THEY JUST SEND IT AUTOMATICALLY just had a home delivery from asda and got a nice surprise of a free gift! on my delivery note it says: From 28/11-6/12 rece… Read more
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Just received my delivery from Asda in Hounslow [20 minutes late] and was given a box of 12 mince pies - a gift from Asda. No choice, just mince pies which i hate but musn't be churlish, will give them to someone else.:-D


It's ONLY the Leeds store which is giving the free gift. Not fair at all. I'm sending an email to now.


Just got my delivery and no free gift:-( . Which store did your delivery come from and was the message on the delivery note handwritten or printed?


What store does the delivery come from? Because I have no problem emailing my store to see why they aren't giving stuff away!!!


We had groceries delivered last night, and didn't get this little extra either.

Asda 5 kgs net of Onions for £1
Found 5th Dec 2009Found 5th Dec 2009
Asda are selling a large net of 5 kgs onions for just £1

Its true they are buried alive in S*it and soaked in water daily and left out in the cold, think about this while you eat your £1 onions. Will someone please think of the Onions !!


Are they forced fed?:whistling:


Good price!


Shame they are battery onions, you should see they conditions they are grown in. I prefer free range, they get to run around outside:


Yep top tip for Xmas if you've no room in your fridge buy a big cheap plastic box with a lid on and put it outside - store all your veg, salad, cheese etc that you can't fit in your fridge. Outside is nature's fridge and as long as it's protected it will be fine!

Goodfellas The original stonebaked delicia margherita/peperoni/chicken £1 @ Asda
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
as above all goodfellas delicia pizzas £1 bargin and taste nice usual price 2,38

As a big fan of pizza i disagree, they taste awful. No wonder they are always so cheap.


Top banana, just ran out last week from last time they were a quid. Time to fill the free:-Dzer again !!


got a chicken one last tuesday along with a 50p frijj shake :)


voted hot, great pizza, shame I have no room in my freezer. Fantastico


Delicia aren't deep pan. I find Dr Oetker a bit too greasy/oily Delicia for me, and at £1 it's a bargain :) Heat added.

Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts - 20p for 215g Bags @ Asda
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
Asda in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire has too much stock of Bassets Liquorice Allsorts that reach their best before date on New Year's Day, so they have dropped the price to 20p to try… Read more
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sweet and I bet you NEVER thought you'd say that ::p


Rep added, purely for that comment :-D


Oh no!! dont eat me!!!!!

twinkleytoes over the road from there so will go get some for him indoors laters! HOT!!!


This is a local deal for local people, precious things for 20p, Hot

After Eights  300g + 50% Extra Free (450g) - 2 for £3 at Asda
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
After Eights are £2 each, or 2 For £3 in ASDA but Also the boxes have 50& Extra Free 450g for the price of 300g 900g in total for £3 (Better than the 200g Boxes in Poundland,… Read more

same offer in co-operative :thumbsup: love these


same offer in somerfield, 2 for £3 with 50% extra in each box.


Nice. Cheeers.


£2.79 at Tesco with 50% extra B1G1F:)


Sweet deal.

ASDA Thin and crispy four cheese pizza [£1.00 @ Asda]
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
This is one of my favourite pizza's. And not like most £1 ones - the base is nice and not 'cookie cut', cheese is nice and so is the sauce! Mmmm!! Ingredients Wheat Flour , Toma… Read more

good deal but i want to asda today and goodfelas delicia pizza all varietys were only £1 so for same price you could have a goodfelas 1 im not a food snob but they do tase better but asda 1s r good 2


I actually think they are brilliant. Love them.


These are frozen from memory :thinking:


is this a fresh or a frozen pizza?

REDBULL Cans - Two 4x Packs for £5  ASDA
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
8 Cans of Red Bull for £5 in ASDA! Both original and sugar free! Online and in Store! :)
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Very good price for red bull, but why anyone buy`s these when morrisons do their own for 35p a can or 4 for £1 and personally i think they taste better.

Asda Extra Special Stonebake Pizzas 2 for £3 Instore ( so £1.50 each - usually £3.98 each!)
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
As title 2 x Large Extra Special Stonebake Pizzas for £3.00 usually £3.98 each Have looked and offer not online but loads in store. Great Deal - I usually only buy these when the… Read more

offer has ended now


Got some for tea they only had the mozerella and tomoto one in on offer but not moaning for that price .. thanks for the heads up ! x Heat n rep added x


err no they don't, give me one of these pizzas over one of those plastic ones any day, just because you get a load of toppings hardly means it beats 'any pre made pizza' lmao


Lovely pizzas :thumbsup:


Thank you

ASDA Rich Fruit Mince Pies (12) was £1.76 now £1
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
Asda are selling a 12 pack of mince pies for just £1. Tried these out the other day, and they are better than ALDI's, they are also microwaveable which is a plus. To compare, Mr… Read more

Bought some at lunchtime. These don't have any hydrogenated fat or artificial colours in them - that ingredient list is wrong!


Morrisons are selling Mr Kipling mince pies at £1.49p for 18 (buy 1 get 2 free) limit to 6 boxes per customer. Sorry vtailor just missed your 2nd entry! ( slow fingers!!)


Just spotted a better offer on another thread, Morrisons are doing Kipling mince pies(6) at 3 for the price of one -£1.49 , making each box effectively 50p. The Asda offer is still a good one if you don't live near to a Morrisons, or maybe you do live close to a useless Morrisons that never stocks their offers!(like my local one)


I would rather make my own as I know what is in em. Plus these have Hydrogenated veg oil in em which is worse than any other fat for you. When something is cheap it is for a reason where food is concerned.

Carling 24 x 440ml Pack £10.00 @ Asda
Found 4th Dec 2009Found 4th Dec 2009
Carling 24 x 440ml Pack £10.00 @ Asda Limited to 3 per customer, available instore or online, expires 08/12/09
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LOL all the Scotts are so drunk off their face 24/7 that the entire of Scotland is sold out.


Not sure if its been mentioned but theres no limit as far as I know Someone came through the till with 10 on them yesterday


HOT! Need for the festive period.


Hot deal for a nice beer. heat added n repped for the find (off to Asda) Quit bitching about it's p1ss or it's cr4p beer. Don't like it find a post that has your beer and leave this for those that do indeed like it. Merry xmas ya bunch of c0cks ;)


If your a scotch you most likely live in England anyway :p

50 Black Tie Handle Bags for £1 @ ASDA
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
As title says 50 (normally only get bout 20-25) black tie handle bags for £1. Seem good quality as brought some earlier and have not ripped! Had lots in stock and seems to work o… Read more
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They are worth £2 imho.


It must be a regional offer as they were £2 at Boldon and Washington.


possibly not in all Asda stores as my local didn't have this offer on when I was in there today :-(


90p for me as i work there will pick some up 2day...... Hot.



Hens Tooth beer £1.00 at ASDA
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Started my next quality beverage. £1.00 for this fine brew. Good old ASDA, they provide the calories and the cheap Jeans to wear after old ones don't fit around my belly anymore.

Edit: This has already been posted a few hours before.


Wow ! How many different ones do they have for a quid? Believe it or not, I do the weekly shop depending on what Ales are on offer:whistling:


I prefer Speckled Hen. They also have Old Bob. This is a lovely bitter. But as a bitter for £1.00 it was not bad and to have such a selection is great. He will love a selection of 8 different beers for Christmas, I'm sure. I know I would love it.:santa:


Is this any good. My old man drinks Speckled Hen?


indeed, what is next? not sure about this beer, bottle conditioned i believe which makes it a tad of a pain to poor, unless you don't mind the sediment and an upset tummy.

Old Bob £1.00 from ASDA
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
I am quaffing a lovely bottle of Old Bob purchased from Asda today for the princely sum of one golden pound coin.

Only managed to get three bottles!!!!!!


Surely if this is old bob, it should only cost a shilling not a pound.


Local beer for local people! (Apologies to the league of gentlemen!) Well it used to be when brewed in Essex before Greene King swallowed them up! Glad to see the rest of the country is enjoying now too!


lovely, love it mixed with abbott for real head messing drink!


Good old Bob!

Bahlsen Leibniz - milk chocolate was 1.40 now is 50p @ Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
I love these biscuits but tend to buy them when they have special offer cos they are quite expensive. You can buy them online and instore was £1.40 now 50p.

went in the spondon asda and there back up to £1.32 and online


Yummy yummy choccy biccy i had to buy four boxes:thumbsup:


But these are never, ever £1.40 to begin with.




Love these...shame i dont go to ASDA often :( its too far away now i have a sparkly new Tesco nearby.... I agree though once these ones are opened its keep going till they are all gone!

Badger Original Ale for £1/bottle in Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Spotted on the Asda website that 500ml bottles of Badger Original Ale [baron rating 3/5] are £1/bottle at the moment
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They do have the tankard offer on them, I picked up three.


Badgers Blandford Fly is the best beer i have had in a bottle....well worth it but rarely on offer


my local Asda has Ridley's Old Bob at £1 too (made by Greene King). Very pleasant.


Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger........ sorry couldn't resist :santa:


Whitechapel Porter is nice as is Gentleman Jack, I had a few the other week upon recommendation. I am an Abbot Ale fan. I wonder if the Abbot Ale bottles have the personalised tankard offer on them? No other Badger ales in the offer?

Morland Old Speckled Hen for £1/bottle in Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Spotted on the Asda website that 500ml bottles of Morland Old Speckled Hen [baron rating 4/5] are £1/bottle at the moment
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Great for my dad Xmas day, cheers :-)


This is the best offer...but keep it quiet (more stocks delivered to Asda overnight so the early bird catches the worm etc etc....)


can't beat the hen!!


For those going to Calais sometime soon, 24x500ml for £12.50 on the P&O ferry.


I normally have one of those after a night drinking Abbott :whistling:

Morland Hen's Tooth for £1/bottle in Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Spotted on the Asda website that 500ml bottles of Greene King Abbot Ale[baron rating coming soon] are £1/bottle at the moment

A Quality beverage. Long live bitter.


One of my favourite beers. Awesome :)

3 x standard (415g) heinz baked beans £1 at Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
I know Asda have done 4 x Heinz beans for a pound in the past, but this still strikes me as a good deal (33p a tin) - it works out less than Adsa own brand per tin for a far superi… Read more

I got some of the spaghetti in this offer on Sunday. They also had multipacks of 4 tins of the beans at £2 for 2 packs-not sure if this offer is still on, but if it is, works out at only 25p a tin.


You can mix and match with spaghetti too.

Coca Cola Coke,Coke Zero,Diet Coke 2L Any 3 for £3.00 @ Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Coca Cola Coke,Coke Zero,Diet Coke 2L Any 3 for £3.00 so that's 6L for £3.00 50p a Liter

did we say PEPSI:viking:


even thats cold. BOGOF on 2ltr @ tesco (4L for £1.62) :)




sweet :)


Good price, shame the morrison's offer has expired.

ASDA Classic Christmas Pudding Less than half price £1.00
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
ASDA Classic Christmas Pudding Was £2.10 Now £1.00 Classic Christmas Pudding with plump sultanas and raisins, juicy fresh apple and a good splash of sherry. Ingredients Sultanas … Read more



Bought 2 today. As a little bit of a tasty bonus I always treat the pudds to a little Scotch treatment. Over 2 weeks every other day let a tot sink in. Lovely!


Not the same this one is classic that one is extra special:thumbsup:


until Christmas, happy days:thumbsup:


Is it this one?

Ice Age Trilogy Blu Ray Only £30.21 Instore @ Asda
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Was browsing the blu ray section in my local Asda (Bedminster, Bristol) and noticed they had this going for £30.21, which is cheaper than their online price. The next cheapest I co… Read more
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All I was saying was £30 was and is not a deal on these particular blu rays. This site is not really to post if something is 1p cheaper somewhere else; otherwise you could post every single item in the world, just stating which shop was selling it for the slightly less price. Obviosuly I depends on the item and price if 1p was to make a difference, but not on this price, as this is a rip off.


Oh my You are right fp, I take it all back. What a fantastic topic. I actually LOL'ed and I never do that, even on MSN when I say LOL You can't speak to the Wedgemeister like that PMSL Classic. Apologies xanderex, you are only 2nd now.


You obviously missed this thread... "]UPTO HALF PRICE SALE@ARGOS" :) BFN, fp.


I think that is the best post I have ever read here. For all the wrong reasons :whistling:


Good price...heat added

Faustino VII Rioja Spain (750ml) - Was £6.48 / NOW just £4 a Bottle at ASDA !
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Stock up for Christmas ! Asda usual price - £6.48 Currently at Tesco - £6.35 Faustino VII, with its inviting fruity flavours, is perfect to go with starters, everyday red meat di… Read more
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This wine is great, not too heavy. And Rioja can be red, white or rose. Going to bag my self a few of those.:santa:


Thanks - Very nice red and at £4 a steal. I just nipped down the road to the loacl asda and picked up 6 at this price. I had the Faustino One (I) in spain earlier this year and that was amazing. Heat from me


rioja isn't just red


Don't they have different classes of Rioja, it would be interesting to know which one this falls in. Seems a good price, if it's high quality.


Rioja is red, and the pic is correct, just how the light is shining on it.

9 cans of irn bru at Asda £2
Found 3rd Dec 2009Found 3rd Dec 2009
Just picked up 9 cans (6 + 50% free) from Asda at York, Monks Cross for £2 On end of fizzy drinks isle. Cant find the deal online but havnt looked really well Hope this deal hel… Read more
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Farmfoods do 24 cans of irn bru for a fiver also. :thumbsup:


I may have to try that sometime, then I'll let you know if you've gained my trust :p


mmmm, I buy these at 4 for 99p @ 99p store all the time now one has opened up locally, when I was at 6th form I used to often drink 2 litres in a day! Great price.


Goes great with gin. Trust me.

Brothers Strawberry & Mixed Pear Cider £1.25 @ ASDA
Found 2nd Dec 2009Found 2nd Dec 2009
FIRST ENJOYED IN A FIELD IN SOMERSET. It has taken four brothers and 14 generations of cider makers to create this unique strawberry mixed pear cider, served at the Glastonbury Fes… Read more

yes, i think theyre both 4.0%


do these contain alcohol?


That Toffee Apple is nice.Don't usually drink cider but I enjoyed that.


I also saw Toffee Apple cider sounds good;-)


Thanks for this one!!! I have enjoyed Brothers Pear cider many a time in said Somerset field ... I look forward to trying out the strawberry and mixed pear :thumbsup:

Slim Fast tins 2 for £6 in asda
Found 2nd Dec 2009Found 2nd Dec 2009
A great price for anyone wanting tins of slimfast they £6 a tin everywhere else but asda have it on offer 2 tins for £6 all flavours avail this offer is online and instore not sur… Read more

Thanks, I've been looking for some of this at a reasonable price for a while. Have some heat!


why cold ? its 2 for the price of 1 compare with other places ? im not saying its good or it works but as a deal its good is it not for those who buy it ? please say why voting cold and i can add details if you know of a cheaper price

Schloer All Flavours £1 @ Asda
Found 2nd Dec 2009Found 2nd Dec 2009
Was in local Asda (Ashton-u-Lyne) and came across this deal, these were £1 each in all flavours, (white grape, red grape, apple+grape, elderflower+grape, grape+pear) and are 750ml … Read more

already here

Hapic Max Power Toilet Cleaner Plus 2 for £3 @ Asda, normally £2.35 each
Found 2nd Dec 2009Found 2nd Dec 2009
Two for £3 - save £1.70 or get a second for 70p Not sure if these are any good as haven't used them myself but they are £2.35 - £2.40 each normally in Asda depending on which scen… Read more
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its true i've got a cupboard full n they are still there in my local one


If this is true it surprised me how Tesco can sell them for £2.30 each


available for £1.00 each at poundworld so not so hot, but good for anyone who hasn't got one of them near by


good deal, although i brought several of these (to stock up) from wilkinsons last week at £1.47 @ voted hot though for next best deal as wilko deal may not be nationwide.


Old El Paso Dinner Kits 2 for £3 @ asda
Found 2nd Dec 2009Found 2nd Dec 2009
the whole range is on offer so that'll include. fajitas, tacos, Enchiladas, burritos etc.

Saw the Tesco's own Fajita kit the other day for just £1. Definitely prefer the old el paso ones though, the wraps don't rip apart when you fold them.


yeah a was in the jarrow one yesterday and the washington one today. washington the were out of date @99p. ive not tryed puttin any deals on coz dont no how and wasnt sure if it was a good deal.


yeah that was posted last year lol. i did a search before i posted anyway and couldn't find anything


Good deal at 2 for £3, but we prefer Asda's own make Burrito kit compared to the El Paso one.


this isnt on in asda gosforth in the north east :(

Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc £3 at Asda
Found 1st Dec 2009Found 1st Dec 2009
Quite possibily a store specific deal but a great one all the same... can't beat the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc wines... They had a whole pallet full of this stuff near the entra… Read more

lovely - hope they have it at my local Asda


That's WAY cheap for a pretty tasty drop! Even if Sauvignon Blanc is a bit passé ;-)


Wow! I first enjoyed this wine while paying $35 a bottle in the US! I will be popping to ASDA tomorrow!


Erm A vine price!



Bombay Sapphire 1LTR £14.00 Instore @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 1st Dec 2009Found 1st Dec 2009
Bombay Sapphire Gin is only £14.00 for 1.0Litre / 100cl bottle. Picked one up myself today. Not sure if this is available online.

just bought 3 bottles today- great deal- 70cl is £1.63 more expensive- has on label that £ 15.__ is normal price- never ever seen normal price at that::-D


Just wiped out my local store to stock up for my wedding! Thanks for this tip. Voted HOT HOT HOT!


Asda deal is still on,just got another....some retard with no cash probably expired it...


If Asda deal is finished, its £17 for a litre in Morrisons. Got a bottle yesterday.



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