Gromit Unleashed Figurines £34.99 Each plus P&P @ Wild-in-art

Gromit Unleashed Figurines £34.99 Each plus P&P @ Wild-in-art

Found 23rd Sep 2013
Ok, so whilst technically not a deal where you save money but I wanted to let everyone know that you can buy the Gromit Unleashed figurines from Wild in Art where they are still all in stock so people are not being ripped off by fat greedy people selling them on auction websites making money off the back of charity!

The fantastic Gromit Unleashed is raising as much as it can for Bristol Children's Hospital. The limited edition figurines are all sold out on the Gromit Unleashed site and people are taking advantage of this fact and selling them on auction websites for anywhere from £80 to £250 which is so wrong as the charity is not getting any of that money!

Please buy from Wild in Art where Bristol Children's Hospital benefits.

The following figurines are available....

Jack, Roger, A Close Shave, Grant's Gromit, Dog Rose, Gromitosauraus, Grrrrromit, Classic Gromit, A Mandrill's Best Friend and Paint Your Own.

All priced at £34.99 plus P&P except Paint Your Own at £20 plus P&P.


Original Poster

Selling out fast. Classic Gromit and Paint Your Own still in stock.....

Most have been sold out for a while now .

Most oos

Thanks OP. Classic gromit on the way. My missus will be most pleased, I hope.
I saw one of the large gromits at Paddington station a couple of weeks back and wondered what it was there for. Now I know.

Couldn't resist getting myself a 'Classic' Gromit

The majority of the ones I checked on eBay are selling around purchase price.

Just looked on ebay. There's a 'classic gromit' with the bid at £46 + £10 delivery. It's still available from wild-in-art for £39.94 inc delivery. Ebay never ceases to amaze me with what people can sell and how much people will pay for it!

How much IS P+P?

£4.94 - total cost is £34.94

Sorry - £4.95 p&p.
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