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Groundhog Day 4K, Dolby Vision, iTunes Extras, Only £2.99 To Buy @ iTunes

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🎬 Groundhog Day

Lowest Price To Buy, Only £2.99

✅ 4K

✅ Dolby Vision

✅ iTunes Extras

🎬 Movie Trailer

🎬 Groundhog Day

Phil (Bill Murray), a weatherman, is out to cover the annual emergence of the groundhog from its hole. He gets caught in a blizzard that he didn't predict and finds himself trapped in a time warp. He is doomed to relive the same day over and over again until he gets it right.

🎬 iTunes Extras

Live the day over again and explore the special features, includes Deleted Scenes, A Different Day: An Interview with Harold Ramis, The Weight of Time Documentary and The Study of Groundhogs featurette.

⭐️ Cast & Crew

Bill Murray
Andie MacDowell
Chris Elliott
Stephen Tobolowsky

Harold Ramis

Harold Ramis
Danny Rubio

Trevor Albert
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  1. Avatar
    Today is actually Groundhog Day
    That's why it was posted!
  2. Avatar
    No English subtitles for some reason.
    Download the film and I confirm there is no English subtitle
  3. Avatar
    I read online before somebody had worked out he would've been re living that same day for 33yrs or 12000 days (give or take) to be able to achieve what he did lol.
    I read the article about the early draft of the script that explained why he was trapped in the loop and I certainly think they made a good decision in not including it.

    There are quite a few deleted scenes floating around on YouTube as well.
  4. Avatar
    Wasn't this posted yesterday?
  5. Avatar
    I’ve actually never seen this. 4K transfer good?
    It's a doozy!
  6. Avatar
    The film that got me utterly obsessed with timeloop and time manipulation movies. Absolute classic.
    Have you seen Run Lola Run? They also did an episode of The X-Files that seemed inspired by it.
  7. Avatar
    I look forward to seeing this deal being posted tomorrow..
  8. Avatar
    One of those films you’ll watch again and again.
  9. Avatar
    Andie McDowell 🔥
  10. Avatar
    Heat added.

    If you haven't seen it - Palm Springs is an amusing, albeit daft, timeloop movie.
    Shame they kept in that dick tattoo scene, makes it less than its worth
  11. Avatar
    Looking forward to Bill Murray playing Lord Krylar in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’
  12. Avatar
    On repeat all day today on Sky Cinema (as they do every year, in fact).
  13. Avatar
    My friend sent me that earlier!
  14. Avatar
    It's Groundhog Day? Again?
  15. Avatar
    Had to buy it … again
  16. Avatar
    Snapped up first thing, great film
  17. Avatar
    What a deal, a fantastic film
  18. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Couldn’t resist
  19. Avatar
    “Okay campers, rise, and shine, and don't forget your booties ‘cause it’s cold out there… it’s cold out there every day.”
  20. Avatar
    I couldn't imagine a better fate than a long and lustrous winter spent watching this great movie and if you like it and you want it, you'll get greedy for it! You'll want it every day of your life.
  21. Avatar
    Didnt i just comment on this?
  22. Avatar
    I recently re-watched this, and tbh I found it rather uncomfortable - the way he manipulates women into sleeping with him.

    Shame. I used to love this film, in my youth
    You are joking... aren't you ?
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    I keep buying this. Great film
  24. Avatar
    good film!
    at least some good news after hearing my salary increment this year... (edited)
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    Why is there not a Groundhog Day 2...?
    There is!
    A video game narrative sequel was released in September 2019. Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son was developed by Tequila Works and published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. The game casts players as Phil's son, Phil Connors Jr., who has grown up in the shadow of his beloved father. Phil Jr. becomes trapped in his own time loop in Punxsutawney and is forced to help others and improve himself to earn his freedom.
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    Is this a part of the Thursday "one night only" deals? They used to add a new row to the store to show the films but I don't see anything today. Not sure if it's just me or have they given up on it?
    I don’t think Apple got that memo
  27. Avatar
    Certainly looks like it!
  28. Avatar
    It was already posted a couple of times......oh wait.....I see what you did there lol