Groupon £15 for £45 to spend at

Groupon £15 for £45 to spend at

Found 22nd Jun 2011
£15 for £45 to Spend on Designer Eyewear at Sunglasses Shop

Pun classes are ideal for diverting the beams of diction, veiling senses from volcanic vocabularies and making a spectacle of one's self. Don't cross the eyes, dot them with today's Groupon: for £15 get £45 to spend online at Sunglasses Shop.

Easily locatable after a short clicking cruise through the internet's oceanic depths, Sunglasses Shop is the UK's biggest online retailer of eye shading friends. Featuring in a number of the countries most renowned fashion magazines, Grazia and Look, the internet emporium acts as a cartoon style giant magnet to those looking for fashion and technical sunglasses with pocket friendly prices. Home to a myriad of revered brands, sun shy peepers can adorn themselves with big designer names, and with twenty years of experience, Sunglasses Shop are experts in all styles of optic veils.

Groupon grippers are offered £45 to spend online at Sunglasses Shop for £15. Choosing from a broad selection of oculus obscurers naked eyes peruse the website for their ideal pair. Designer specs are known to increase cool factor by up to 50%, while certain styles are ideal for imitation of rock legends or particularly rad racoons.

How it works:

1. Buy your Groupon 2. We email you the voucher after the deal ends 3. Voucher activates on 24 June 2011 at 2pm 4. Go to…pon 5. In the checkout, enter your voucher codes 6. Have your credit/debit card details ready to pay the postage

Sunglasses Shop Order designer, sunglasses online…pon

instead of £45.00



Thanks, will have a looksie - I need new sunglasses

i had a look there, do you know if these guys price match?

Same thought, seen some great Oakley's but would like a price match, I have e-mailed to ask if they do so will leave a response when I find out

i emailed they just sent back that they do so think ill get myself a pair of oakleys to
Fives Squared Grey Smoke-03-441
Colour: Grey Smoke £68.00
what ones you thinking of?

Original Poster

these are selling well on the groupon site im spoilt for choice

there are so many nice glasses on the site its hard to narrow it down but i wouldnt be one for spending loads on a pair of sunglasses with the weather we get here

Original Poster

dont forget 5% quidco and tcb

Hi< How would you get them to price match , as i have found Fives Squared rooter for £49 so that would deaf be a BARGAIN

See below…tml

i emailed and they said they price match no problem so id wait untill you get the voucher code then give them a call

Just phoned them and they won't do a price match with the groupon offer!

One or the other, boo! :-(

New it sounded too good to be true, Still works out £5 cheaper ish, with cashback a poss too?

were in their terms does it state price match isnt to be used with any other offer
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