Groupon Save The Children £5 Donation

Groupon Save The Children £5 Donation

Found 25th Dec 2014
Help save the children with a £5 Donation. The money will go towards anything from football's to camel libraries for some of the world's most vulnerable children.

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Original Poster…177 sorry could someone please add the link.

Nice spot. Looks like you can donate more than £5. More importantly Groupon are saying that the Government will match donations that have been made between now and the 31st. Good one for posting this :-)

Merry Christmas peeps! :-)

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Sorry for the lack of details in the post.. I was panic posting this morning. The kids were waking up!

Thanks, good little nudge to remember to do something for other people today, donation made :-) have a lovely Christmas x

I timely reminder - as I watched my children unwrap the stack of presents this morning, it is crucial to think about many many others who are not so lucky.

My mum volunteers for Save the Children and it is a fantastic charity so try to donate if you can you kind hot dealers!

Merry Christmas too all!
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Well, the charitity obviously needs more money because their staff salaries eat into donations by quite a lot. The CEO gets £234,000 a year and 19 others get more than £100,000 including a former New Labour adviser on £163,000. We are already contributing through our taxes to the charity's coffers -- some £137m in direct subsidies from the UK government and the EU . Merry Christmas to the unpaid volunteers.
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Hmm, your numbers don't quite stack up.…htm

Save the Children had revenues of $680k [about £440k]. You're saying that over half of this went to the CEO? I guess I dont have all the facts like you do, but this would strike me as a little odd. I havent even factored in the £2m you are referring to for the 19 other 6 figure "fat cats" you are on about. That said anything is possible... Save the Children could be the next Enron Scandal, and you my good friend were the one to blown the lid off this conspiracy.

PS - Merry Christmas, (and it's "Charity")
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