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Colchester zoo - adult entry £8 with code at Groupon
Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec

The big orangutan here was put to sleep on Wednesday. We go every week and was sad to see the sign saying he was put to sleep. I understand people saying some animals may not be in obvious sight but they have many viewing areas u can find most animals if u walk around. This is cheap and even if u don’t see all the animals it’s still a good price and you’re also helping to contribute towards food etc during the winter months when the zoos revenue isn’t so good. Zoos need visitors to stay in business so buy a ticket pack a lunch and go stroke a lion. It’s gotta be worth £8



It is such a lovely zoo would love to be able to take my family even once a year but it is so so expensive. West midlands safari park is another lovely one, didn't think much of longleats safari bit but the zoo area was ace kids loved it. Would also recommend paradise wildlife park i was pleasantly surprised. Hated london zoo but that was years ago may have improved now.


No idea what you mean sorry it's gone way over my head


Nah, it's always too busy when the weather's good. ;) Used to go once a month when my nippers were little. Really miss it now they're at school, so will probably have a go at this over Christmas. They've still got passes so would be a very cheap day out.


35 mins later and yes I ended up ordering thanks op


do I want yes? do I need? NO


Do I need to log the Groupon into a site somewhere or will Groupon just post this out to me now?


Going to buy three, as shipping is fixed at 1.99. Have tonnes of high end makeup but will keep the mascaras and gift/sell the hippies to friends. :)


It's £2.99 now. Thank you, Op. (y)

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Starbucks get £10 for £5 @ Groupon (Invite only)
Found 15th DecFound 15th Dec
Get dealGet deal

Its been out of stock since July


How did I miss this :/


The same but instead of it being Starbucks it's tesco


What's the Tesco ones?


You have to be signed up to receive Groupon emails. Unfortunately i'm unsure how they decide who gets an invite (fierce) I'm signed up with 2 emails, I received in one email and not the other!


I have a policy with them. Called them out for a dead battery. They use third party recovery guys. One eventually arrived 3 hours later but did sort it out. Note that they will also not tow your car more than 20 miles so if you are far from home, you need to find a garage and ask if your car can be taken there. It's not national recovery in that sense. I recommend QDOS or Green flag. They cost a bit more but service is miles better. Always check the small print. Some don't cover for tyres, misfueling, keys locked etc.


I've heard many bad reviews about these- if much rather spend an extra 15 and get Green flag or AA


But good luck claiming if anything happens (I hope it doesn't!) As they are renowned for failing to assist


I had Autoaid last year and broke down for the first time ever. I got straight through to their customer services and I had the recovery truck arrive in about 30 mins. Very impressive. I think they have a large network. The only complaint I have was that the recovery guy didn't even bother taking a look at my car. He just said "what's the address of the garage you want to go to?". I then had to sit through 2 hours of xenophobia and macho crap. It's not Autoaid's fault though. They also massively harassed me when my renewal was up with phonecalls and emails. It got me out of a pickle though and I didn't have to wait too long. Also great communication throughout the experience, even to check I made it to my destination ok. I think I might go back to them as some people's experiences on here are a bit of a concern. StartRescue also have solid reviews. I was them before on a deal but I can't tell you what their service is like


It's cheap but the customer service is awful when you need to use them. I'll never recommend them to anyone


Thanks might wait until next week and contact them if I dont get one through


This happened to me, but i spoke to them on chat and they confirmed i entered the code and will get the gift card next week.


Ordered from an account where I had received email. Entered code OK but confirmation email doesnt say anything about the £5 costa coffee gift card??


I got it too


Yes my other Groupon account didn't work as it didn't get the invite.

Afternoon Tea Offers -  The Tower Hotel (Tower Bridge) afternoon tea for two £24.95 @ Groupon
28/02/2019Expires on 28/02/2019Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec

Sitting in one of the training rooms on 12th floor. LOL

Board Games incl Rapidough £12.98 delivered, Crazy Claw £13.98 delivered, Don't Laugh £11.97 delivered, Snotcha £9.98 delivered @ Groupon
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec

Been like that for a while, and some of the items they sell are much cheaper on sites like Ali Express, Gearbest, etc


Groupon just become like ebay and amazon. People selling cheap Chinese stuff


@beckybow0 thx for sharing.worth noting that 4 are £18.98 + £1.99 delivery. Seems a good price for these 🐤🐥🐤


Seem ok.? Scroll to quite a way down ( no pun intended! ) to the section on bedding- then pillows :p


Are these, like everything else seems to be in life, still considered to be carcinogenic?


Same here! Anyone else got a link to the ticket claim? Is it generic?


Not had my cinema ticket emailed yet. Has anyone else? Does the email come from Chili, Odeon or Groupon?


Doesn’t work on all offers.


Groupon wouldn't let me redeem this last time I tried. As I'd done it twice already. Anyone else had this?


No problems with HD for me. I've used Chili on a app on a smart and the Android app on a Chromebook. I had some pausing on the TV occasionally on one or two titles, you could just press play and it would start again. The Android app on Chromebook was flawless.


brilliant, ordered the 4900 from argos and using the ebay code they work out at 30 each !!! thanks for the advice everyone!


3D models of Oral B are the best electric brushes but RRPs are vastly inflated and you don't need anything above the Pro2 2000 model, often available for £30. Above that you're paying for gimmicks you'll never use.


If they won't use the app/modes and the 4900 is cheaper then you should get the 4900 The motors are the same that's why people tend to complain about the extra features being gimmicks. If you use those features then fair enough but otherwise it's just an added cost Battery on the 8900 is only slightly better (12 days vs 10) but that doesn't even matter so much if they just pop it onto the charging stand after each use.


anyone who has these - is it worth getting this or the 4900 (two Oral B 4000's) as its a gift for my parents who realistically wont use the app or other modes. I read something before about the models / motors being the same apart from the additional features like bluetooth... and something about the battery life?


I made the mistake of upgrading my 6000 to the 9000 not realising the pro-clean mode is 2 minutes instead of 3. it was immediately returned. check the setting modes before purchase people, Oral B are going BACKWARDS with these 'newer' and more expensive models. Crooks.


Intense is GORGEOUS - good price for this. Best price I can see,paur:ClkAsKraXzlcSotx4wMaErhucTjahfRaj_vMHepOKxGXT1r2ekF-3HoOJJcNxmOh4jbChRCqKgtXAt4tPMsAG5vp0rcQV-AOGvQtLtY9ae3SGIkV3QnPsvSAsxIZAFPVH71koBno_3LAL19WggA88XSeCWKcWA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjJjdXw6ZHfAhUyRxUIHROaAVAQ2SsIEw not sure why it's not Hotter!


Had a look at one today and was pretty impressed really. I don't know if i'd feel bad walking in with this now :) They were super friendly. I'd feel like I was cheating them :D


Would it work I brought 4 sets, so 40 day passes? Would the gym accept me 40 times?


Also refer yourself from your new account and get a bonus £6 credit. ;)


All passes must be used by 31st Jan 2018 surely a typo


good for January after December mince pies.