Grow & Play Mr Drum - Half price toys - Toys - £9.99 @ Sainsbury’s

Grow & Play Mr Drum - Half price toys - Toys - £9.99 @ Sainsbury’s

Found 25th Apr 2014
Was 19.99

Develop musical enjoyment and understanding with the Grow & Play Mr Drum. Mr Drum plays lively music by five different instruments, and as he does so, lights flash in time with the tunes. Play and dance, while audio and visual skills are stimulated. 
The pack includes piano keys with a mode switch to play music in five different instrument settings (piano, saxophone, tambourine, violin and flute), drum with flashing lights and sounds, removeable mini guitar, removeable mini trumpet, removeable tambourine and removeable maraca.

Right from birth, children love to play and explore the world around them through sight, sound and touch. At Sainsbury's we know that toys play a vital part in a child's development, so we have put together a fantastic range of toys that will stimulate their minds, stir their senses and make learning such good fun!

AUDITORY - Entertaining sounds focus the attention absorbing baby in play
VISUAL - Visually stimulating toys engage baby in play, developing memory and imagination.
HAND/EYE - Helps co-ordinate eye movement with hand movement. From basic reaching and grasping to more refined, controlled actions.
CAUSE & EFFECT - Rewards baby when actions produce a result.
Suitable for children aged 18 months and over.
Warning! Remove all packaging before giving this toy to your child.
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