Grundig 500GB Freesat HD Recorder £199.73 @ Costco

Grundig 500GB Freesat HD Recorder £199.73 @ Costco

£199.73Costco Deals
Found 30th Jan 2010
Previously posted at a higher price. I purchased one of these at Leeds Costco today and could not believe the price inclusive of VAT was £199.73. Definitely the first 500GB Recorder that I have seen for less than £200.
You need to be a Costco member and pick up the coupon booklet at the entrance of the store to get £30 discount on the shelf price of £199.99 plus VAT.
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What you have to remember is that recording HD stuff takes up more space on the hard drive,

Its like the differnece between DVD & Blue Ray sizes of discs (well sort off) you not what i meen.

Just something to think about when recording HD :thumbsup:
The instructions state that it will record 312 hours in SD format or 125 hours in HD format.
Just a point that the oldest/most common Freesat PVR, the Humax Foxsat-HDR with its standard 320GB drive can be expanded to 1TB by a simple c£60 SATA drive swap so if you have one that's already filling up (I know THAT feeling) if you are at all PC internals literate you can do a self-upgrade (voiding the warranty of course). (It's on my to do list) O course that would mean a c£300 1TB unit (with a spare 320GB drive) versus this 0.5TB unit without any kludges/warranty issues. That said I'd be a bit wary of how good Grundig support is going to be - the Humax firmware is forever being updated!

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